Two Black Men Drug, Rape, Rob and Kill White Woman in Miami Beach

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Two Black Men Drug, Rape, Rob and Kill White Woman in Miami Beach


Two Black Men Drug, Rape, Rob and Kill White Woman in Miami Beach

Two Black Men Drug, Rape, Rob and Kill White Woman in Miami Beach

Barely a peep from any of the ‘main’ news sources. Where’s BLM? It happened in South Beach (Miami Beach), Florida during Spring Break. A 24 year old white woman was found dead in a hotel room. Christine Englehardt was from Pennsylvania, and her body was found on Thursday inside a room at a hotel in Miami Beach. Security video footage shows her at 1am near the Albion Hotel in South Beach with the same 2 men that have been arrested. Authorities there say she was drugged, then raped, then robbed, then left to die. Her alleged attackers? 2 young black men; 21 year old Evoire Collier and 24 year old Dorian Taylor. Both men are from the state of North Carolina. Oh how their mom’s must be so proud of their sons (sarcasm). The men have been arrested and charged so far with the crimes of sexual battery and burglary. Our guess is that because the victim ended up dying at some point due to the events that were brought on by both males, there will be more serious charges to come. According to their first appearance judge, the men drugged Christine Englehardt so she’d fall unconscious, raped her, then stole her money, her credit cards, and her cell phone; then left her to die.




While there are ‘doubters’ that are questioning her reasons to be with those men that were strangers to her (it’s basically screaming liberals trying to mis-direct or shift the blame to HER), there is at least one surveillance video that blows that narrative right out of the water. During one of the preliminary hearings, a surveillance video CLEARLY showed the two suspects holding the victim up (drugging her, robbing her) and that she was NOT a willing participant. The video clearly showed “she was unable to consent.” Although the case is still at its beginning stages, authorities claim to have proof that the two suspects drugged the victim with a green pill. That ‘green pill’ could be the flick of a switch that brings on manslaughter or even murder charges. .. This is a developing story. … Thoughts? Feel free to drop your comments below.



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2 years ago

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Steve Allison
Steve Allison
2 years ago

NO one knows about this along with all the others.

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