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Canadian Scientists Believe Marijuana Can Help and Treat Coronavirus

Pass the doobie, dude. .. No, seriously, pass me the joint because we’re hearing now that Cannabis is believed to help prevent and treat coronavirus. Out of Canada, comes a group of scientists that strongly believe that certain very strong strains of marijuana can help prevent and treat the virus. These scientists and researchers are […]

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Joe Biden Makes Horrible Racist Statement. Check it out here :

Joe Biden got himself into hot water on Friday for hinting during a heated radio interview on Charlamagne tha God‘s show that black people having a difficult time “figuring out” whether to support him or President Trump “ain’t black.” (see the video below). The major gaffe happened 17 minutes in during the ex-vice president’s interview […]

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Afraid to touch something due to coronavirus? CDC Now says it ‘does not spread easily’

With all the fear mongering going on by the Media, Social Media and the Left, we have people all over the country (and world) that are terrified of everything. They do not leave their homes, they do not allow visitors. All deliveries must be dropped off and left outside. People have flipped their entire lives […]

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U.S. Leaves China In The Dust with future ‘Made In America’ Medical Supplies

The United States relies very heavily on the production and manufacturing of many products in China. Why? Simple answer, CASH. It’s so much less expensive to produce almost anything in China. It stems from them paying their citizen workers very little amounts, and from cutting every corner possible. That is why many of the products […]

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My Business Was Raided By The Police – The Story of Business Owner Nick Koumalatsos

Business owner Nick Koumalatsos, who owns Agoge Training (online exercise coaching) and Snap Fitness Holly Ridge was visited by North Carolina authorities at his gym’s physical location because they say he was in violation of the governor’s orders. A back-and-forth happened, yet the liberal Governor obviously did not care about the average man and small […]

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Some Employers Forcing Employees To Use Hidden Tracking Apps

It seems as if some employers want to keep an extra eye on their employees when they are not at work. There’s been multiple reports that employees of some businesses are being forced to install certain apps on their smart devices. These apps, depending on their main function, all seem to ask for phone permissions […]

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