Madison Wisconsin Sheriff David Mahoney Gets Doxed by Jeremy J Ryan

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This is a local story for us so we are following it closely. Madison, Wisconsin has had its share of ‘protests’, rioting and looting recently and while we are not taking any sides, we are just here to report what research has proven to us to be the truth. If you have information that proves us wrong, please provide it so that we may update our article.


28-year-old Devonere Johnson (aka Yeshua Musa)

28-year-old Devonere Johnson (aka Yeshua Musa)

According to News 3 Now / Channel 3000, in Madison Wisconsin, Police arrested a man Tuesday afternoon after he was seen protesting at The Cooper’s Tavern talking through a megaphone while holding a baseball bat. Cellphone footage shared by the Madison Police Department shows 28-year-old Devonere Johnson (aka Yeshua Musa) talking through the megaphone while walking around on the restaurant’s outdoor patio and inside the restaurant. At one point, Johnson is seen calling a man walking inside the restaurant a racist, though it is unclear what led up to that moment. While inside the restaurant, Johnson can be heard saying “I am f-ing disturbing the s*** out of this restaurant. And I got a f-ing bat.”



Video from Inside Cooper’s Tavern



According to an MPD incident report, some restaurant patrons claimed Johnson’s actions disturbed them. In a separate video that Madison police shared, multiple police officers are seen approaching Johnson outside of the restaurant. They attempted to arrest him, but a struggle broke out. During the arrest, at least five officers can be seen trying to subdue Johnson. Several officers eventually got Johnson onto the ground to restrained him before carrying him off the ground and taking him to a nearby squad car.



Video from Outside Copper’s Tavern



Johnson then made it past the officers and ran across the street before police tackled him to the ground.

Johnson then made it past the officers and ran across the street before police tackled him to the ground.

Shortly after Johnson was put inside the squad car, he can be seen pushing past officers who were trying to detain him. Johnson then made it past the officers and ran across the street before police tackled him to the ground. Johnson was taken to a local hospital for injuries to his arms and a leg, according to the report. He was then taken to the Dane County Jail. Johnson has been tentatively charged with disorderly conduct while armed, resisting arrest, and attempted escape, according to the report. Two officer suffered minor injuries during the struggle, according to the incident report.




It’s recently come to light, reported by a friend/associate of Johnson’s named Jeremy J Ryan, that supposedly “the police have beat one of the leaders of the protests Yeshua Musa… They beat him so bad he had to go to the hospital.” …. The full posts made by Jeremy J Ryan are written out below word for word. However we REFUSE to show the documents that contain the doxed information release by Jeremy J Ryan. You can see them for yourself, if Facebook has not pulled them down, right here.



Original Post about Yeshua Musa by Jeremy J Ryan

Original Post about Yeshua Musa by Jeremy J Ryan

Original Post about Yeshua Musa by Jeremy J Ryan
I have heard from very reliable sources that the police have beat one of the leaders of the protests Yeshua Musa… They beat him so bad he had to go to the hospital… This is absolutely ridiculous… Madison, it’s time to show out!!! I am certain a protest will be organized and we need to show out…
All he tried to do is speak up to end his oppression… And now he’s in the hospital beat the fuck up for having a voice… We need to show the police department that this is not ok… That they can’t be doing this to anyone especially not in retaliation for political speech… I’m not sure when the leadership will plan action but be ready… If there ever were a time to show out its now… They fired a shot… Will we just stand there or will we fire back? This isn’t a fucking game this is war…
Hope you heal up quick Yeshua!!!





2nd Posted apprx 2:00pm June 24th, 2020 (Jeremy J Ryan)

2nd Posted apprx 2:00pm June 24th, 2020 (Jeremy J Ryan)

2nd Posted apprx 2:00pm June 24th, 2020 (Jeremy J Ryan)
I have given Sheriff David Mahoney 4 hours to release Yeshua Musa from segregation or all of his information gets posted and shared… Address, phone numbers, family members and their addresses… This is not illegal… Other people have this information to release on my behalf if he tries some shit… Clocks ticking Dave you got til 6 pm… This demand is unrelated to BLM and I am not acting in a capacity with them… This is personal because of the battle I had and how horribly Dave Mahoney uses segregation…





3rd Posted 6pm June 24th, 2020 (Jeremy J Ryan)

3rd Posted 6pm June 24th, 2020 (Jeremy J Ryan)

3rd Posted 6pm June 24th, 2020 (Jeremy J Ryan)

Guess what time it is… Its 6pm exactly… I’m sorry David Mahoney but you didn’t make the right decision… You continue to hold Yeshua Musa in segregation a place even you said (and its true) was cruel and inhumane… You use segregation as a punishment for political adversaries much as you did me… And put their safety in danger in the process as you did me for a month…

I gave you 4 hours… I called your cell phone you hung up on me… I sent you a text (screen shot below)… You failed to respond… I then left a message on your home phone (hope the misses enjoyed that)… I tried calling your work phone… You should really consider getting voicemail… But all of this was to no avail… So now I’m releasing your shit because you won’t let Yeshua out of segregation…

To be clear… I am not advocating people to be violent or destructive with this information… But I do sincerely hope people show up at your house… And I hope they show up at your families houses… And keep you all up all night with the chanting… And I hope they do that until Yeshua is freed from solitary and until you meet MY (not on behalf of BLM on behalf of myself) three simple demands…

Demand 1: You offer a level of appeal for grievances that goes to you… Unlike many jails Sheriff Mahoney has decided he wants no oversight on what goes on in the jail… He doesn’t read a single grievance and there is no way to appeal the grievances to him… He never shows up in the jail unless he’s doing a tour or interview… Because of this the Sergeants and Lieutenants that deal with grievances and appeals deny them even if they’re legitimate because why wouldn’t they? No one up the line cares… Allowing a certain level of appeal to go to you (Like the Sauk County Sheriff does) makes it so that they have a reason to be more fair… You don’t want to get bogged down with grievances so it gives them incentive to actually attempt resolution… It allows accountability…

Demand 2: You end use of the “cold room” and any type of segregation cell for minor rule violations… Most people don’t know this but people are thrown in seg every day for small things like having a bad attitude or sharing food… Deputies don’t take 24 hours in segregation as a big deal and many hand these punishments out like candy… Bunk restriction is for small issues not segregation cells… Most people may not also know this but the segregation cells you go to for 24 hours for very minor things are actually called “cold rooms” because during the winter they get down to about 45-50 degrees at times… This is inhumane and cruel and worst of all they hand it out like candy…

Demand 3: You make the jail medical public again and have oversight… Many people don’t know that Sheriff Mahoney privatized the jail medical with a company called Wellpath (previously Correct Care Solutions)… This private company has a well documented history of lawsuits, cost cutting, and horrible care… People die due to the horrible standard of care in jails that have it… Sheriff Mahoney has no oversight over this because it is a private company not his employees… And the types of things that they do would sicken a third world doctor…

Until he meets these demands I hope people show up at his house… At the houses of his family… Keep them awake… Make his life be affected even though you can’t get anywhere near the effect his decisions and lack of oversight have caused those in the jail… Peacefully and legally… I also recommend people call his phone numbers… The first page has his cell and home as well as his desk line… He is elected to serve us and if he’s not doing that he should hear about it… He has refused to meet with me, a constituent for several months over the horrendous abuse I suffered in the jail some of which he ordered… I guess you could say blow up his phones…

Regardless of what comes next you could avoided this all Dave… You could have just released Yeshua from segregation… Put him in general population… Its that simple… You had 4 hours to do so and decided not to… You brought this upon yourself Dave… You should have been willing to talk to me Dave we could have resolved this other ways… But you’ve left me no choice and I’m a man of my word… Tick Tick Tick… Kaboom… Doxx target hit!!!


Your favorite nuclear terrorist!



What are your thoughts on this whole situation? Watch the videos above, read the open letters from Jeremy J Ryan, and please, COMMENT BELOW.

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