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FBI Using Antifa Cell Phones To Label Them Domestic Terrorists

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FBI Using Antifa Cell Phones To Label Them Domestic Terrorists


FBI Using Antifa Cell Phones To Label Them Domestic Terrorists

FBI Using Antifa Cell Phones To Label Them Domestic Terrorists

There’s been recent reports that due to many new arrests of the violent Antifa rioters in Portland, a squad of FBI agents have now obtained dozens and dozens of personal cell phones that may contain the key authorities have been looking for. The FBI’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis has coordinated with other authorities to determine whether or not the Portland antifascists have reached the level of being classified a domestic terrorist organization. After searching one suspect, for example, law authorities discovered “a machete, a large mortar firework and a section of galvanized pipe with end caps and fuse assembly,” which could easily be used as an IED (Improvised Explosive Device). After the FBI forensic analysts tear through all the antifa cell phones they obtained, we’re pretty sure they’ll be able to map out a good portion of the Portland based (and probably beyond) Antifa network, and see what information their communications contain. There’s been multiple instances of rioter arrests where the antifascist’s home town is from outside the local area, so the results should also show the spread and reach of the ‘movement’. There may also be a treasure trove of information concerning the violence Antifa have committed, which authorities can definitely use against them … Do you have an opinion on this subject? Drop your comments below.



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Donna Fasa
Donna Fasa
1 year ago

Thank you!
Is the date, the date of the article or action or same. 🤔
Thank you for sharing!

Roberta Hosken
Roberta Hosken
1 year ago

Leary of trusting FBI they demonstrated bias against the elected President

Suz Hol
Suz Hol
1 year ago

In LA when the two police officers were shot while sitting in their vehicle and BLM tried to block the entrance to the hospital, one BLM agitator was on FB live. He mentions his ______ phone. Not his Obama phone, which used to be a common expression. I think he says BLM phone or Soros phone, it’s a little hard to tell. Anyways, it seems these groups possibly handed out phones to their minions, to help coordinate their movements – if that’s not organized terrorism, what more would they like to happen before they label it so?

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