COVID Vaccine – Race between America’s Moderna and China’s Sinovac

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COVID Vaccine – Race between America’s Moderna and China’s Sinovac


COVID Vaccine - Race between America's Moderna and China's Sinovac

COVID Vaccine – Race between America’s Moderna and China’s Sinovac

There are two companies that are leading the pack when it comes to bringing a vaccine to the market for Covid-19. One is Moderna, an American company. The other is Sinovac, a Chinese company. After all these recent events, I am personally not sure about the quality of anything that comes from China, but to each his own. There’s big money involved too, not just recognition. Just think of how many people globally, will run to get the vaccine. Cha-Ching! Someone’s going to get mega-wealthy. Chinese company Sinovac Biotech has claimed it’s 99% positive of the effectiveness of its inactivated vaccine named ‘CoronaVac‘. Moderna, which is a firm based in the United States of America, also has a candidate for a vaccine; their product ‘mRNA-1273‘, which has now moved to Phase II of clinical trials. Moderna was the first to begin phase I clinical trials for its RNA-based vaccine. It has suddenly stockpiled a $29 billion market value even though it hasn’t even marketed its product yet. The statement I last heard was “A safe, effective and affordable vaccine is far away, but the hype is growing by the day.” …

What are your thoughts? .. Would you take a vaccine that was produced by the Chinese?Would you take one against Covid if it was produced by an American company?Or would you refuse altogether ANY vaccine for Covid? .. Please COMMENT BELOW.



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