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COVID-19 Vaccine Causes Bell’s Palsy During Clinical Trials

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COVID-19 Vaccine Causes Bell’s Palsy During Clinical Trials



COVID-19 Vaccine Causes Bell's Palsy During Clinical Trials

COVID-19 Vaccine Causes Bell’s Palsy During Clinical Trials

There appears there may be a link between one of the new COVID-19 vaccines causing the condition known as Bell’s Palsy. The temporary condition causes facial paralysis and was a side effect on 4 (four) patients that took the vaccine during a clinical trial. The vaccine in question happens to be the first one approved in the United States, and is being manufactured by Pfizer (and BioNTech). During the clinical trial, participants were either given the vaccine, or a placebo. The Bell’s Palsy side effect only happened to people who took the vaccine. No placebo ‘patients’ experienced Bell’s Palsy side effects.



A follow up after the conditions set in resulted in one of the affected people had recovered, meaning the Bell’s Palsy withdrew and went away in 1 (one) person. It is know to be a temporary condition but there have been cases where it does not disappear. This information was sourced from this FDA link, which is a document report from December 8th :



Information on Bell’s Palsy can be found here : and don’t forget that we’d like to know your thought’s on the vaccines available for COVID … Will you be taking one? .. Let us know in the comments below.


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