Border Czar Kamala Harris MIA for 5 Weeks and Counting

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Border Czar Kamala Harris MIA for 5 Weeks and Counting


Border Czar Kamala Harris MIA for 5 Weeks and Counting

Border Czar Kamala Harris MIA for 5 Weeks and Counting

It was 5 weeks ago when ‘President‘ Joe Biden admitted to the world that he could not personally handle the workload of the southern border crisis and that he was putting his VP, Kamala Harris, in charge of the entire border surge. Our southern borders are now even more of a mess, overloaded with constant illegal border crossers, and now our ‘migrant holding facilities’ or ‘cages’ as the Left and liberals liked to call them when Trump was President, are so over-packed that more locations are being built. There are even multiple cases where the federal government started setting up camp like locations underneath overpasses because there is no more room anywhere. (All Source links can be found below). But where has VP Kamala Harris been? It’s been 5 weeks, and she has NOT visited the border even once. When asked about it by the press, she actually LAUGHS about it. While it may be a nervous ‘tick’ of hers, it doesn’t look good when you laugh about the border crisis, especially when the ‘President of The United States’ assigned you with the task of fixing it. Well, we do have the answer to ‘Where the hell has Kamala Harris been?”. There’s a timeline and travel route of the VP’s last 5 weeks below. Enjoy!



Here’s Kamala Harris’ timeline and travel route since becoming Biden’s border czar :



March 26th, 2021 РNew Haven Connecticut РU.S. Vice President Kamala Harris participates in a roundtable session about reducing childhood poverty at the Boys and Girls Club of New Haven on March 26, 2021 in New Haven, Connecticut. Р 



March 27 through 31 – Washington DC – Spoke with Heads of State :



April 1 – 4 – Brentwood home – Vice President Kamala and Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff will travel Thursday to Los Angeles, No Public Events Scheduled. –



April 5 – Oakland, CA – Easter at her Oakland home –



April 6th – Chicago, IL – Discuss COVID-19 vaccines. – Vice President Kamala Harris Visits In Chicago, Visits Mass Vaccination Site –



April 7 – 18 – Washington DC – Press Conferences, Other useless crap, Can’t find much of what she actually accomplished –



April 19 – High Point, NC – Toured the Thomas Built Buses factory in High Point, North Carolina –



April 20 – 22 – Back to Washington DC – Discuss George Floyd / Derek Chauvin Trial –



April 23 – Plymouth, NH – Toured the New Hampshire Electric Co-Op –



April 29 – Baltimore, MD – Visited the mass vaccination site at M&T Bank Stadium –



April 30 – Cincinnati, OH – Public Transportation Roundtable Meeting –



May 4 – Milwaukee, WI – Visited UW Milwaukee to talk about Jobs –



May 5 – Providence, RI – Small Business Meetings, 2 Events Planned –




That’s it! That’s her tremendously busy schedule that is keeping her from visiting the border, which she is in charge of handling! And there’s a massive crisis going on yet she refuses to go there! … It’s so frustrating to see her zip around the country, laughing at everything that is thrown at her. .. You MUST have an opinion, so drop your comments below!



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