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42 Injected with Regeneron Antibodies Instead of COVID Vaccine, Whoops!

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42 People Injected with Regeneron Antibodies Instead of COVID Vaccine, Whoops!



42 Injected with Regeneron Antibodies Instead of COVID Vaccine, Whoops!

42 Injected with Regeneron Antibodies Instead of COVID Vaccine, Whoops!

As if the roll-out of the COVID vaccine hasn’t had its share of negative issues yet, here comes another blunder by a small part of our health care system. This one happened in West Virginia where, by last count, 42 people who were supposed to get the Covid-19 vaccine, ended up getting a shot of Regeneron Antibodies instead. It’s an antibody treatment, rather than a vaccine. The patients thought they were receiving the new Moderna vaccine, but to their surprise, a ‘screw up‘ happened and they were given the Regeneron Antibody Treatment instead.


Is that safe? Getting that Regeneron Antibodies Treatment instead of the actual vaccine? The West Virginia National Guard released statement, “The 42 individuals received the antibody product at a vaccination clinic hosted by staff at the Boone County Health Department.”. They also pointed out that Joint Interagency Task Force stated that they ‘did not believe the 42 people were in any danger’. In the Press Release itself, it states towards the bottom under “Key Points” that “No other individuals were administered the antibody instead of the vaccine at any point in time in West Virginia.”


The National Guard also went on to say “all vaccine related protocols have been reviewed and strengthened. 7,855 West Virginians were vaccinated yesterday across the state.”. CNBC questioned Julie Miller, who is an administrator for the Boone County Health Department, and she responded “It has been determined that this was an isolated incident.” … To quell the fears of the public, West Virginia’s Health go-to person Dr. Clay Marsh said “The product administered are antibodies that fight COVID-19. In fact, this product was the same one that was administered to President Trump when he became infected. While this injection is not harmful, it was substituted for the vaccine. But this occurrence provides our leadership team an important opportunity to review and improve the safety and process of vaccination for each West Virginian.” … But we’re pretty sure no one is buying their crap. They screwed up, and it could potentially affect the lives of at least 42 people.


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