24 Year Old Diabetic UNLOADS On President Biden’s Insulin Prices

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24 Year Old Diabetic UNLOADS On President Biden’s Insulin Prices


24 Year Old Diabetic UNLOADS On President Biden's Insulin Prices

24 Year Old Diabetic UNLOADS On President Biden’s Insulin Prices

Biden Remorse is becoming a reality REAL QUICK. In this short video posted by a ‘Roger Smith’ (found on Twitter as @Roger_Smith_911), he is reacting to the new prices for diabetic medicine (insulin / epipen) that was created when ‘President’ Joe Biden reversed the Executive Order done by President Trump. The HHS (Department of health and Human Services) ‘rule’ was created primarily to keep the costs down for the medicines needed by diabetics. This includes insulin and the epipen. There were even aspects of the Executive Order, or ‘rule’, that haven’t even taken place yet (their start date hasn’t come yet) but Biden reversed them ALL. (Sources listed below)



In the video (found below), the young man rants that he’s only 24 years old, and that his medicines will now be costing him $2,000 per month. It’s quite a hard video to watch because you definitely feel bad for the young man, but hey, he voted for it. While I for sure do NOT know who he voted for, he did tag the Twitter video with the hashtag #BidenRemorse. I am deducing that he DID vote for Joe Biden. This is true BUYER’S REMORSE for every single Biden voter, even for the dead people that voted for him, lol. At the end of the 45 second video the young man seems to give up and says “well, I guess I’ll just die then” … What do YOU think? Are people beginning to see the socialist/marxist/communist agenda that ‘President’ Joe Biden is pushing? .. Please drop your comments down below.






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2 years ago

Well, he voted for Joe Biden and we all warned them. I feel bad for the guy, but hey, you were warned.

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