When a Vaccine is NOT a Vaccine. The real deal should frighten you.

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When a Vaccine is NOT a Vaccine. The real deal should frighten you.


When a Vaccine is NOT a Vaccine. The real deal should frighten you.

When a Vaccine is NOT a Vaccine. The real deal should frighten you.

I found this article called “When is a VACCINE, not a VACCINE” and it’s diving into the 2 experimental mRNA Covid Vaccines… so being me… I’ve been doing research for the last couple of days to verify the gist of this article… and the more I dig, the SCARIER IT GETS!!! (All Sources listed below)



Short and sweet is, there is a good reason there has never been a successful mRNA vaccine until COVID-19! CORONAVIRUS have been around for a LONG, LONG TIME, and they have been trying to use mRNA to create effective “therapies or vaccines” for a couple/a few decades now and have had ZERO SUCCESS in getting them approved (until now strangely). Basically with the way it ‘works’… if you encounter the NATURAL VIRUS after getting injected with the mRNA “vaccines”, you have an increased risk of having what’s called Cytokine Storm response, which is an exaggerated and dangerous immune response.



In people experiencing cytokine storm syndrome, certain cytokines are present in the blood in MUCH higher-than-normal amounts. In COVID-19, elevations in several inflammatory cytokines seem to be involved in the development of acute respiratory distress syndrome, which is the leading cause of death in people dealing with COVID-19 illness.



So basically, what happens is the body freaks out because the mRNA has multiplied the natural immune response to the virus to a much higher level than it normally would be and the body basically attacks itself because it sees the mRNA as part of the problem. That’s my interpretation of what I’ve read and not by any means a statement of fact.



But no science has been presented showing that the two experimental mRNA vaccines will not cause cytokine storms when individuals who have been inoculated encounter the SARS-CoV-2 in the “wild”. In other words, BECAUSE you got the mRNA Covid “Vaccine” (which will be in your body FOREVER), later when you come across the virus or one of its “variants”; however long that may be, a month, a year, two years, you are at a GREATER RISK of having a SEVERE AUTOIMMUNE RESPONSE to the natural virus than if you had never taken the “vaccine” at all.



With that said, this virus has a 98-99% survival rate WITHOUT getting the “vaccine”, so is it worth the risk?? I’m not convinced that it is. For those most vulnerable, those over the age of 70, or those with preexisting comorbidities or other health issues, it MAY be worth risking it and taking the vaccine, but for the vast majority… I’d argue that MAYBE it’s time to be INFORMED instead of INFLUENCED!! Don’t let the media SCARE YOU into making a RASH, UNEDUCATED DECISION THAT COULD LITERALLY COST YOU YOUR LIFE!!



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And could all of this information be the reason why they keep saying that we should continue with current health protocols of wearing a mask, social distancing, and all of that even AFTER vaccination? Something to think about for sure.



Here is a shortlist of the sources I found (look below). I encourage you to READ THEM YOURSELF and come to your OWN CONCLUSION… the point here is to EDUCATE because sadly, I see people allowing FEAR to make the decision to get the “vaccines” instead of LOGIC AND INFORMATION!! …. THOUGHTS? Please feel free to leave a comment below.



Sources :




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3 years ago

watch American Frontline Doctors Video by DR Simone Gold. It explains this very subject

Alyson Meredith
Alyson Meredith
3 years ago

I agree completely. No one should be coerced, bullied or forced to take the Jab

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