Video Montage of Joe Biden’s Rudeness, Gaffes and Mumbles

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Video Montage of Joe Biden’s Rudeness, Gaffes and Mumbles


Video Montage of Joe Biden's Rudeness, Gaffes and Mumbles (Watch Video Below)

Video Montage of Joe Biden’s Rudeness, Gaffes and Mumbles (Watch Video Below)

After watching Joe Biden attempt to ‘play President’, we’ve noticed his rudeness, ignorant gaffes and outright mumbles are just as bad as when he was running his campaign. There is so much video footage of Biden not being able to speak well in front of a camera. He also doesn’t read well off of a teleprompter or from notes. He either losses his place or forgets his words, and if it’s not one of those, then he’s verbally degrading an American citizen. We’ve found 16 different clips (even though there are a ton more) and mushed them all into one video. It’s about 6 minutes long and all you can do is shake your head at it. This is the man that 80 Million people voted for? I’m sorry, I just have a hard time believing that is true. Watch the video below and feel free to drop some comments below that.




Video Montage of Joe Biden Rudeness, Gaffes and Mumbles
(Here’s 16 clips, totaling almost 7 minutes of Gaffes, Mumbles and just plain Rudeness from Joe Biden)



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Ken Jernigan
Ken Jernigan
2 years ago

He couldn’t wait to cheat We The People out of our votes and voices. He must really be indebted to his CCP financers.

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