(VIDEO) Bank of America is Secretly Violating Their Customers Privacy

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(VIDEO) Bank of America is Secretly Violating Their Customers Privacy


(VIDEO) Bank of America is Secretly Violating Their Customers Privacy

(VIDEO) Bank of America is Secretly Violating Their Customers Privacy

Since the ‘assault’ that took place at the capitol building on January 6th, it’s quite obvious that the Left wants to label every single conservative and Trump supporter as ‘the enemy’. There’s even been talk of ’rounding us up’ to be ‘deprogrammed’. Is it possible that the Biden administration is preparing to label Trump supporters as ‘domestic terrorists‘ and ‘extremists‘? The attack on the capitol involved many people that took advantage of the situation. In addition to traditional Trump supporters were Antifa, BLM and Alt-Right groups were mixed in. They donned Trump hats of all types and carried Trump signs. To the layman, they all looked the same. But now the federal government wants to know exactly who was there, and bring them to justice. People have been identified through videos and images, but how else can the feds get a list of who was there? Does such a thing even exist? (Video Below)



According to a report by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, Bank of America has been ‘actively and secretly engaged in the hunt for extremists in cooperation with the government‘. Bank of America is the 2nd largest bank in the country. The financial institute serves over 60 million people (including small businesses). The bank has been flagging the purchase history of its customers. Then, if certain criteria is met, that customers personal information is all sent over to the federal government to do as they please. They are doing with without the knowledge or consent of their customers. BOA will say it’s in the interest of ‘national security’. I’d like to know who told Bank of America to go do this out of their own volition? Did the feds go to them? Or did BOA freely offer up the information? When did Bank of America become an intelligence agency? …. Take several minutes and watch the video below. Feel free to drop your comments below.







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lisa mochan
lisa mochan
3 years ago

I will be changing banks afyer 25 years with BOA.

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