Vaccine Shamers Who Died Suddenly

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Vaccine Shamers Who Died Suddenly

Vaccine Shamers Who Died Suddenly

They were once a proud people. They took pleasure in stepping onto their soap boxes to promote the covid vaccines, even going so far as to shame and humiliate those that chose not to get them. Sadly, for many of these people, their boastful shaming eventually came back to bite them in their rear. A good number of these people have died. They are part of the many who have “Died Suddenly“. The accompanying video (found below) is just a sample of the people who have taken the ‘vax’ and have died at a later point. We know why they died, however we suggest researching on your own to find out exact cause of death for each case. We know that they do not write “the covid vaccine” as the cause of death so research is necessary.




Taken from the video (found below) alone, here are the list of people highlighted. Realize, every single one of these people boasted either/or/and shamed others (some quite rudely I may add) about the vaccine, and then died a short time later.




Doug Brignole – April 4, 2021 : ” I have enough confidence in the vaccine, based on my research, to get it done. Those of you who think the vaccine kills people can use me as a test. If I die, you were right. If I don’t die, and have no ill effects, you were wrong and should admit it …..” …. Fast Forward to October 14, 2022 (558 days later) : “Bodybuilder And Fitness Author Doug Brignole Has Passed Away At 63 Years Old”




Uche Nwaneri (NFL – Jacksonville Jaguars) – September 1, 2021 : ” … We see children DIE daily from the unvaccinated selfishness. Pregnant women at risk too. PROTECT LIFE. MANDATE THE VACCINE. Jail anyone who refuses to protect life …” ….. Fast Forward to December 30, 2022 (485 days later) : “Former Jaguars guard Uche Nwaneri died at age 38 after he was found unresponsive in his wife’s Indiana home last week. … “acute heart failure” …
(** Note his other statements “We see children DIE daily from the unvaccinated selfishness” which is FALSE and he only said because of the constant GASLIGHTING from the Left and the Media.)




Julie Powell – October 1, 2021 : “I would argue that COVID does kill some of the right people. The anti-vaxxers/maskers are dying in legions. …..” ……. Fast Forward to November 1, 2022 (396 days later) : “Julie Powell, best-selling author of Julie & Julia, dead at 49.”
(** Again note her statement “The anti-vaxxers/maskers are dying in legions” which again is FALSE and she only knew to say due to the massive amount of Gas Lighting people are hit with every moment of every day)




Lee Mallinson – May 23, 2021 : “2nd does of the Oxford-AZ vaccine DONE … No side effects within the 1st however, if I get anything with the 2nd? Bring Cake!!” …. Fast Forward to March 26th, 2022 (307 days later) : “Lee Mallinson, the head coach of the Reading Swim Club in Reading, England, has died. He was 51 years old.”




Grant Wahl – June 21, 2021 : “……… Oh to be vaccinated and out in Copenhagen tonight.” ….. Fast Forward to December 10, 2022 (537 days later) : “American journalist grant Wahl, 48, dies after collapsing at Qatar World Cup.” (he died from a ruptured aortic aneurysm)




Liam Coward – June 21, 2021 : ” .. If you decline Moderna and are waiting for Pfizer you are a piece of garbage. Take the fucking vaccine you are able to get. …” ….. Fast Forward to Decmber 31, 2022 (558 days later) Same # of days as Doug Brignole who is listed first above) : “St. Catherines social justice advocate (Liam Coward) dies suddenly on Dec. 31”




Mighty Mouse (Twitter Handle) – April 11, 2022 : “Just had my boosted jab ….” ….. Fast Forward to October 26, 2022 (564 days later) : “DJ Mighty Mouse, 48, dies in his sleep …. suffered Aortic aneurysm”




Maxi Jazz (Twitter Handle) – February 21, 2021 : “C’mon people, we got to get over this shit. Go get your jab!!” ….. Fast Forward to December 23, 2022 (671 days later) : “Maxi Jazz 1957 – 2022. We are heartbroken to share that Maxi died peacefully in his sleep last night. …”




Vikman Kirloskar – April 30, 2021 : “#GetVaccinated. Encourage others around you to follow suit. The vaccines are safe, effective and essential.” … Fast Forward to November 30, 2022 (580 days later) : “Toyota Kirloskar Motor Vice Chairman Vikram Kirloskar dies due to heart attack”




(VIDEO BELOW) ……. Realize we only highlighted the first 9 (nine) people that were listed in the video. If you follow the #DiedSuddenly news on Twitter, you will be totally blown away by the number of people all over the world who have #DiedSuddenly. We aren’t even being told about a fraction of these cases. …. FEELINGS ABOUT THIS?? PLEASE COMMENT BELOW.


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