The Real Dr Anthony Fauci – Part One

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The Real Dr Anthony Fauci - Part One

The Real Dr Anthony Fauci – Part One


We’re all familiar with Dr Fauci (Anthony Fauci) and I really don’t think there’s any introduction necessary. You either see him has one of two things; either the complete liar and fraud that he is, or the complete polar opposite of holding him up on a pedestal and treating his every word as gospel. I really don’t think there’s any in between. Also, it really goes without saying that it’s mostly conservatives that do not believe a word he says, and it’s the today’s Democrat/Liberal who hold him at a near god-like level. But there’s one huge problem, if you do the research, you’ll find that the facts speak for themselves. Fauci is a self-loathing, narcissistic liar who’s ‘directions’ have killed thousands upon thousands of people around the globe, and he’s been at it for decades. In his latest book called ‘The Real Anthony Fauci‘, Robert J Kennedy Jr exposes the facts and truths about Big Pharma, Big Brother, Dr Fauci, Bill Gates and more. The facts are absolutely MIN-BLOWING. You may have heard of RFK Jr from the huge Monsanto cases, and the dozens and dozens of other times he has exposed the truth of ‘big business’ and their neglect for human life. (His resume of exposing and battling these forces is very impressive and spans decades).




I beg you to read this book, The Real Anthony Fauci : Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. .. I have it and began reading it the other night. After realizing that I needed a highlighter due to the amount of incredible, seemingly unbelievable information I am reading. So after my first real night of sitting down and focus reading, I am only 4 pages into the Introduction and I already feel the need to write my first article on it. Let me first say that I 100% believe everything that is in this book. Knowing the reputation of Robert F. Kennedy Jr, and the work he has done over his lifetime, I do not doubt anything he says. Plus, if any of it was untrue, we’d see lawsuits hitting him non-stop concerning this, and we’re not seeing any. … Prepare yourself. Anthony Fauci is no doctor. He’s a sleezy business man & marketer, and he’s single handedly responsible for the deaths of thousands and thousands of people, if not tens of thousands or even higher, over a span of decades. You’ll understand this better as you read through his book, or the points I point out here. This will be my first article of many, I will post quotes from the book, and then make brief statements about each.




The Real Anthony Fauci - by Robert F Kennedy Jr

The Real Anthony Fauci – by Robert F Kennedy Jr

Like I said, I am only a few pages into the Introduction of the book, but it’s filled with so much information that I had to stop and begin to write. I’ll quote a passage and then discuss. Kennedy first explains how quickly things changed when ‘liberal democracy effectively collapsed worldwide‘. He explains “The very governmental health regulators, social media eminence, and media companies that idealistic populations relied upon as champions of freedom, health, democracy, civil rights, and evidence-based public policy seemed to collectively pivot in a lockstep assault against free speech and personal freedoms. Suddenly those trusted institutions seem to be acting in concert to generate fear, promote obedience, discourage critical theory thinking, and heard 7 billion people to march to a single tune, culminating in Mass Public Health experiments with a new novel, shoddily tested and improperly licensed technology so risky that manufacturers refused to produce it unless every government on Earth shielded them from liability.” … What did all that mean? Well one thing you can take away from it is that each and every manufacturer of the ‘vaccine’ refused to make it unless every single government in existence would NOT hold them accountable for any liability at all. So if millions of people took the ‘jab’ and then got sick, injured or died, the makers of the ‘vax’ could NOT be sued or blamed, or held responsible in a court of law. This was part of their contract when agreed to make to vaccines. So if you’re family member or loved one got a severe reaction and suffered injuries or death, you could NOT seek financial damages from any of the manufacturers. Most of the liberal brainwashed nut-jobs running around pushing the vaxs have no clue that there is this liability waiver in the manufacturers’ agreements. All you have to do is think about that (why the makers demanded this clause) logically and it just doesn’t sit right with any logical minded brain.




Kennedy goes on to discuss his 40 years of being an ‘environmental and public health advocate‘ and his understanding of ‘regulatory capture‘ which is ‘the process by which the regulator becomes beholden to the industry it is meant to regulate‘. He goes on to say how this all helped him over his 4 decades of suing the US Environmental Protection Agency (the EPA), and other environmental agencies. His goal is to put an end to the ‘corrupt sweetheart relationships that so often puts regulators in bed with the polluting industries they regulated‘. Kennedy says “I thought I knew and have seen everything, but I was wrong about that“. .. This next paragraph of information was shocking to me .. read it carefully : “From the moment of my reluctant entrance into the vaccine debate in 2005, I was astonished to realize that the persuasive web of deep financial entanglements between Pharma and the government health agencies had put regulatory capture on steroids. The CDC, for example, owns 57 vaccine patents and spends $4.9 billion of its $12 billion dollar annual budget buying and distributing vaccines. The NIH owns hundreds of vaccine patents and often profits from the sale of products it supposedly regulate high-level officials including Dr. Fauci receive yearly payments of up to $150,000 in royalty payments on products that they helped develop and then usher through the approval process. The FDA receives 45% of its budget from the pharmaceutical industry through what are you from mystically called ‘user fees.”. .. So who the hell knew that the CDC, FDA and NIH are financially invested in vaccine patents?? How can the CDC (and the FDA) regulate an industry in which it owns patents for vaccines? … That’s like allowing the fox to watch the henhouse … Or asking some law enforcement agency to investigate themselves … How can Dr Fauci morally profit from his stake in this? Easy, He’s scum. He doesn’t care about you or I. It all comes down to a sick, demented ego and the all mighty dollar. This is just the top of the iceberg when it comes to Dr. Anthony Fauci. Read on as Robert F. Kennedy Jr next says “I wondered what the environment would look like if the EPA received 45 percent of its budget from the coal industry.”, which should really make you think about what was stated above about the FDA, the CDC and the NIH.





Robert F Kennedy Jr

Robert F Kennedy Jr

Kennedy again states that in his book, he trails the rise of Anthony Fauci all the way from his beginnings as a young public health researcher and physician, through his “metamorphosis into the powerful technocrat who helped orchestrate and execute 2020’s historic coup d’état against Western democracy. I explore the carefully planned militarization and monetization of medicine that has left American health ailing and its democracy shattered.“.




This where I will stop for now, it’s enough to take in but to be honest, it’s a fraction of a fraction of what is in the book, and everything is footnoted with source references. In fact, a good portion of the book is dedicated to the direct sources of information. Kennedy leaves no stone unturned. … Comments?? Feel free to drop you opinions below.



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2 years ago

Well done! looking forward to the next article.. what I don’t understand (but do) is how this has gotten so far! we’ve seen this propaganda before with germany this is just a much bigger scale

Dennnis L Ferguson
Dennnis L Ferguson
2 years ago
Reply to  marc

They say what they wish about their supposed legal immunity for the AEs and deaths from the jab…last time I knew, mass murder was not immune to prosecution, and murder itself has no statute of limitations. The murderers need to be tried, and sentenced by a jury of their peers…isn’t that the way its done still?

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