The LEFT is just as guilty as Russia of Disinformation War

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The LEFT is just as guilty as Russia of Disinformation War :


When it comes to sowing discord, division, obstructionism, disunity and chaos, the Left has shown no restraint. Their daily dig in the ribs through mainstream media has caused Americans to distrust news outlets, city and state leaders, doctors, teachers, law enforcement officers, and even one’s neighbors. Not a day goes by without the liberal media poking Americans with Covid-19 death numbers, extolling the virtues of “mostly-peaceful” riots, or slandering anyone to the right of AOC and Sanders. The drama has been relentless. And even though more and more Americans are waking up and walking away from the circus, the popcorn industry has seen an explosion of sales due to the binge-watching and the never-ending stress played out on the world stage during the pandemic.


The LEFT is just as guilty as Russia of Disinformation War

The LEFT is just as guilty as Russia of Disinformation War

So imagine the huge irony when Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) reported this week on CNN that a new Senate judiciary report showed evidence of just how much Russia and other foreign countries like China sow discord among American patriots with an enormous amount of disinformation, the details of which remain to be declassified. The November elections, Senator Blumenthal said, are “under attack” and President Trump “has failed to protect us from the foreign interference.” He went on to say he was “shocked” by what he learned and “appalled” that the information has not been made available to voters.


The blame for the Disinformation War can’t be placed solely on foreign governments.


The Left is not done with one scandal when they are on to the next. They played out the Russian interference scandal like a three-act Broadway play.


First, they produced the widely discredited Steel dossier. Second, the Mueller Report looked like an expanded version of the Steel dossier, which found one meme-creating troll farm with ties to the Kremlin – the Internet Research Agency (IRA) – influencing the 2016 elections. President Trump was found to have no connections to this bot farm. Third, U.S. Intelligence found that the Russians attacked several candidates, and at one point even favored Hillary Clinton, but the House Committee findings were dismissed and the Senate Committee findings were used instead. The House Committee found that CIA Director John Brennan had suppressed intelligence showing that Russia favored Hillary also, and attacked both candidates to sow discord.


The Left is filled with actors who meddle and influence the federal elections on a daily basis:

–Thomas Reuters newswire service, based in Canada with offices in the U.S., influences our elections with biased opinion as news across hundreds of liberal newspapers and TV programs across the country.

–Democrat philanthropist George Soros, who owns hundreds of digital media outlets through The Open Society Foundations, including many of the organizations that fact-check Facebook like Snopes, The Poynter Institute, Wikipedia and the watchdog Media Matters, meddles every single day in our elections by flooding social media with false allegations that discredit conservative voices, biased news articles, and flagrant omission, information that influences the voter in the public square.

–Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube highlight information from violent leftist groups, but censor and shadow-ban conservative or center-right accounts. A shadow-ban is the more insidious of the two tactics, as the user often-times is unaware that their content is blocked from the online community.


The leftist StopHateforProfit, a movement within the Anti-Defamation League, has put pressure on these social media giants to censor any advertisements perceived to be circulated by alt-Right movements like the Boogaloos or extreme-Left movements like Antifa. However, Facebook and YouTube claim their artificial intelligence does the leveling, not humans. But biases can be built into the algorithms by the programmers, as reported by CBS recently. According to the platforms’ recent transparency reports, from April to June 2020, nearly 95% of comments flagged as hate speech on Facebook were detected by AI; and on YouTube 99.2% of comments removed for violating Community Standards were flagged by AI.


President Trump signed an executive order, “Preventing Online Censorship,” on May 28, 2020, which the Left dismissed as pure postering.


Currently, an online provider is not liable for user-generated content under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. However, President Trump has made it clear that if a social media platform “censors content” it can no longer receive the immunity it receives under Section 230 of the Communication Decency Act. The year prior, the White House launched a Tech Bias Reporting tool to allow Americans to report incidents of online censorship. In just weeks, the White House received over 16,000 complaints of online platforms censoring or otherwise taking action against users based on their political viewpoints.


President Trump had those complaints forwarded to Joe Simons, chair of the Federal Trade Commission, with the charge that the “FTC shall consider taking action, as appropriate and consistent with applicable law, to prohibit unfair or deceptive acts or practices in or affecting commerce.” Unfortunately, Simons resisted President Trump’s executive order. Consequently, President Trump began interviewing replacements. Simons has said he may step down for unrelated reasons after the November elections. …. Feel free to Drop a Comment Below.


Author Frances Newman is a freelance opinion writer for the Unapologetic Republican. She has covered politics, banking, the arts, city development, and foreign diplomacy for several metropolitan newspapers and magazines.

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Marge Holdorf
3 years ago

Thank you, Frances for another eye opening and informative article. I had no idea there was a tech bias reporting tool, Too bad Simons hasn’t already stepped down rather than staying in place long enough to allow the social media sites to affect this election.

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