The Cost of Socialism and Other Government Programs; Broken Promises

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The Cost of Socialism and Other Government Programs; Broken Promises

The Cost of Socialism and Other Government Programs; Broken Promises

Franklin D. Roosevelt, the man responsible for so many socialized programs, once said, “The lessons of history, confirmed by the evidence immediately before me, show conclusively that continued dependence upon relief induces a spiritual and moral disintegration fundamentally destructive to the national fibre. To dole out relief in this way is to administer a narcotic, a subtle destroyer of the human spirit. It is inimical to the dictates of sound policy. It is in violation of the traditions of America.”


In my opinion, a hand up is not the same thing as a handout. Almost all of us find ourselves in need of a hand up from time to time. Perpetual reliance on handouts, however, crushes individual initiative, destroys our freedoms, and will, eventually bring our country down.


We must also keep in mind, whatever the government gives, the government can take away.


If you think the government gives altruistically, think again. There is always a cost, especially to the taxpayer.


Whenever the government gives something, it takes something away. Where marijuana is legalized, you may forfeit your right to own a gun.

Remember Barack Obama‘s promise of being able to keep your doctor, if you like your doctor? Tell that to the many people who have lost their doctor.


The most familiar program under FDR is Social Security. We all know how that has turned out. The thieving government blames everybody else when they are responsible for it going bankrupt.


It is time to hold politicians responsible for broken promises. … Please drop a comment below.


Written by Marge Holdorf
Marge Holdorf AKA Mary Russel, author

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Frances Newman
Frances Newman
3 years ago

Great reminder that socialism is like anything else… too much of a good thing is bad for us. Government dependence is a crutch. I saw what permanent alimony did to my husband’s ex-wife. She never found work. She never contributed her talent to the world. And then, as you mentioned, there is a cost, a price, for the aid.

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