The ‘Clown’ in The White House (Sarcasm and Truth)

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The 'Clown' in The White House (Sarcasm and Truth). Relax, it's Sarcasm. Read the article.

The ‘Clown’ in The White House (Sarcasm and Truth). Relax, it’s Sarcasm. Read the article.

The ‘Clown’ in The White House (Sarcasm and Truth)

Originally by Guy Johnson



The ′′ Clown ′′ in the White House has just negotiated four Middle East peace agreements, something 71 years of political intervention and endless war has not led to.


The ′′ Clown ′′ in the White House is the first president to not involve the US in a war abroad since Eisenhower.


The ′′ Clown ′′ in the White House has had the biggest impact on the economy, brought jobs and lowering unemployment for the black and Latino people that another president caused.


White House clown has uncovered deep, widespread and long-term corruption in the FBI, CIA, NSA and Republican and Democratic parties.


′′ The Clown ′′ in the White House turned NATO around and let them alliance partners start paying their fees.


′′ The Clown ′′ in the White House neutralized North Koreans, prevented them from developing yet another nuclear power, sending missiles to Japan and threatening the American west coast.


′′ The Clown ′′ in the White House has transformed relations with the Chinese, brought hundreds of companies back to the US and revived the economy. Hello!!!!!!!


” The Clown ” in the White House has completed the appointment of three Supreme Court judges and nearly 300 federal judges.


The same ′′ Clown ′′ in the White House has cut taxes, increased the standard tax deduction from $12,500 for Married Filing Joint to $24,400, making the stock market rise 100 x has switched to record levels that affect tens of thousands of citizen s’ pensions positively.


This white house clown has revealed widespread pedophilia in the government and Hollywood revealing worldwide sex trafficking in minors.


′′ The White House Clown ′′ works for free and has lost way over billion dollars of its own money in service – and done all this and so much more in the light of relentless undermining and resistance from people at risk because they know they will be revealed as criminals – if he is re-elected.



I understand you don’t like him. Many of you hate and despise him. This is you’re choice, however the truth is that he serves all American people, and he is only interested in what is best for America and it’s citizens. What do you do besides mentioning his name, laughing at him and making fun of the fact that he caught the Chinese Virus??


And please educate me as to what Joe Biden has accomplished in his 47 years in the United States. Just name a few things, that will be fine.


I would trade a ‘clown’ with a ‘forked tongue’ (meaning he’s a harsh talker) every day over a man that can’t put together a complete sentence, and is a hypocritical corrupt liar. I don’t care if whether I like his personal character, I don’t know if I’d have a beer with him. I do know that I prefer a strong leader who isn’t afraid to kick anyone’s ass. I don’t need an angel-like fatherly figure – I already have one. I don’t need a liar – that’s what Hollywood and CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS and NY Times are for.


I don’t need anyone to help me, but I don’t want an obstacle or a dementia senile washed swamp monster either.


God bless Donald Trump – the most priceless president in history.


by Guy Johnson  … Drop your Comments Below


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3 years ago

Well said! this is the list the willfully ignorant need to see. Many think they are just being loyal to their old Democrat affiliation, while they completely miss the fact that the party of their past has completely disappeared. The Party of the Common Man has become the US Communist party

Rudi Oplatka
Rudi Oplatka
2 years ago

Excellent summary! A friend sent me translation of this story from Europe (I had to Google the English version) and the truth just speaks for it self.
Pres. Trump was not my first choice (I voted for Ted Cruise), but he was certainly better then the cons before and after him.
But, I guess the majority of Americans prefer USA totally destroyed then great again!

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