Tear down statues of Jesus? I think not! An open letter from our average Joe

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Tear down statues of Jesus? I think not! An open letter from our average Joe


Here's the series of tweets and rants from Shaun King about removing statues and imagery of White Jesus.

Here’s the series of tweets and rants from Shaun King about removing statues and imagery of White Jesus.

For purposes of anonymity, we’re going to refer to the writer of the open letter as Joe. I personally know ‘Joe’ and I’d consider him your average hard working American guy. He gets up way early every day, busts his a$$ all day, and comes home after an honest days work. What he does for a living is not average and you have to be in peak physical shape. I don’t want to ‘define’ him too much, but let’s keep it at that he’s a hard, hard worker, he works long hours and he’s as honest as the day is long (meaning you can trust him with anything). The other day we saw on social media that Shaun King , who’s considered a writer, a civil rights activist, and co-founder of Real Justice PAC.


He has a decent following (about 2.3 million Facebook ‘Followers’) although many see him as racist, even though he’s a black man and personally does not believe that he is neither racist or says any racist things. But like I said, MANY would disagree and here’s just one very recent example. Shaun King just recently said that all images depicting Jesus as a ‘white European’ should be torn down because they are a form of “white supremacy”. He tweeted this during the recent actions of BLM and Antifa taking down what they consider offensive monuments and statues.


King continued his rant by saying that “white Jesus is a lie” and a “tool of white supremacy” created to help white people use Christianity as a “tool of oppression“. He even continued by saying that white people would never have accepted a religion “from a Brown man.”


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He then extended his ‘take down’ frenzy to include “all imagery” including “murals and stained glass windows of white Jesus, and his European mother, and their white friends. They are a gross form white supremacy,” King went on, “Created as tools of oppression. Racist propaganda. They should all come down.”. …


Results were mixed. There were some that agreed, but MANY were inflamed. Shaun King just made a LOT of enemies (what an idiot). Now returning to our ‘average joe’, he wrote an open letter about the idea of ‘removing imagery & statues of Jesus’ and I was quite moved by it and wanted to share it.





An Open Letter from Our ‘Average Joe”


Saucey: Alcohol Delivered To Your Door. No Delivery Fees. No Minimums.

Saucey: Alcohol Delivered To Your Door. No Delivery Fees. No Minimums.

I worked my ass off today. Sweat like crazy working on rooftops! I come home and check in on Facebook. I had enough of this bullshit! Everything that I have in my life today I EARNED. Anything that I don’t have and desire I will obtain with the help of the Lord. Because I may not have certain things I’m not going to blame ANYONE:
Not the President
Not White people
Not my mommy or daddy
Or the lack of a perfect environment
Or the lack of schooling
I’ve had MANY life threatening battles in my life. When I failed I didn’t blame anyone but myself. I got up and kept moving forward!
I didn’t go smash a storefront and steal a TV or some sneakers!!!!
Last but not least I didn’t blame GOD!
How dare you ignorant, lazy and stupid protesters! You have nobody left to point your finger at so now you want to remove statues of Jesus??!!
May the Lord bring down his wrath on you with a vengeance!!!!
Also, I bet if the majority of you BLM protesters worked and had a daily job, led a productive life then you would eliminate any threat of being arrested by the police. Just saying..
Also, didn’t Mr. Floyd rob a PREGNANT woman’s house with several of his friends and point a GUN to her stomach??!! I believe he went to prison for it among SEVERAL other prison terms. Just saying…
Also, May the Lord bless and protect the entire police force in our great country!!!!!
Also…TRUMP 2020!!!


We’d love to hear your comments about the Jesus statues and Imagery issue, and the open letter from our ‘average joe’. Please Comment Below



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Heath D Bartley
Heath D Bartley
3 years ago


3 years ago

We don’t need the statues and imagery. As believers in Jesus Christ – we should also know that the image portrayed is simply a token of man’s ideals and not the true depiction of Jesus. Should we take the statues down? No.

But the enemy will do his job in snatching down the statues and attempting to demoralize believers. It’s our job to hold on to the confession our faith vs looking to a statue to affirm us.

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