Taylor’s Interview with The Minnesota Steam Roller

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From The Unapologetic Republican owner himself, Taylor Soddy :

Here is The Minnesota Steam Roller himself. Listen to Taylor's interview with him in the below video.

Here is The Minnesota Steam Roller himself. Listen to Taylor’s interview with him in the below video.

I rolled into the Northwoods up near the Mighty Mississippi last night to venture off and learn about the life of a true country man. Known to his internet viewers as the Minnesota Steam Roller, he likes to steam roll Liberal Democrats. I was amazed to see The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance playing in black and white, with old school posters put up throughout the house. The Steam Roller himself was enjoying Christian Brothers Brandy and chewing his personal favorite Swisher Sweets. After the movie we watched a little Fox News and then jammed out to his favorite Country Western and Rockabilly Music. I woke up this morning and was hungry. Forget about the bacon eggs and sausage; The Steam Roller pulled out two steaks from the freezer. He usually cooks charcoal but in the spirit of getting my food ready he fired up the gas grill. He threw a nice porterhouse and rib-eye on there for me. I pulled the rib-eye out to take a look, and discovered a perfect medium rare deliciousness. I devoured the steak in a matter of minutes. Upon completing my steak he informed me he was getting his morning fill of swisher sweets, and the porterhouse would be mine as well. Unfortunately the porterhouse had turned into a darker medium well by the time it hit my plate. Although I enjoyed the flavor of the steak, I could not in good conscience finish it. I walked around his house to get a good view in the daylight I immediately noticed the American flag flying high as well as a Donald Trump flag. He truly embodies the characteristics I have come to love from a good ole country boy. His Ford Explorer has 310,000 miles and looks brand new. I can only fathom all of the great parts of our Nation it has seen. Please check out the video we made below and also a link to his Facebook Fan Page. Also, he just released his first podcast, which you can actually watch & listen to down below the video interview. … COMMENTS BELOW ..


Video : Behind The Scenes with The Minnesota Steam Roller
An interview between Taylor Soddy of The Unapologetic Republican and rising star Republican podcaster The Minnesota Steam Roller :


First Podcast from The Minnesota Steam Roller – “My Thoughts on Covid-19, Dr Fauci and more.” :



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