Quote : “I guess it takes 4 cops to threaten a lawful business these days.”

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Writer : Monica Cole (She and her son own CrossFit Apollo in Nevada. This was taken directly from her public FB Page)

This pic was attached to the Gym Owner's FB Post. It obviously shows what she explains happened.

This pic was attached to the Gym Owner’s FB Post. It obviously shows what she explains happened.

I guess it takes 4 cops to threaten a lawful business these days.
Our governor has decided Walmart, hair salons, restaurants and home improvement stores are “safe” but a gym is hazardous. So much so they need to wait until phase 4 to open. Nevada is in phase 1 right now.

I own CrossFit Apollo with my son Chad. We have been shut down for 2 months. Businesses are being crushed in Nevada. We have protested, signed petitions, sent letters and made phone calls to state, county and city officials and the sheriff’s office. All to no avail. What do our local “public servants” say? “We must obey the governor.” “We don’t have a choice.” I’m so sick of those words.

Civil disobedience was our last recourse. We decided to open tomorrow. We were pretty public about that intent. We knew we’d probably get shut down again but we wanted to send a message. We knew there would be a warning then a $1000 fine, then they take your license. They went straight for the license.

In the interest of “public safety” someone called Metro. 2 detectives showed up and asked if we planned to open tomorrow. We said yes. The woman in the background was very belligerent and threatening. “Why don’t you care about the people?!” We will take your business license away if you open tomorrow.” “You could go to jail.” They just kept repeating the threats. We refused to say we would not open, so miss sunshine called her lieutenant.

He very nicely stated we could go to jail and lose our license if we try to open tomorrow. Apparently that wasn’t a thorough enough show of force and intimidation so the Captain came as well. 4 cops were there for an hour. For what?!!!
So there are your faces! You 4 that care more about bullying hard working good people than keeping the city safe. You ALWAYS have a choice and as Chad told you today, “You are choosing WRONG.”
We have a lot of cops and military personnel at Apollo. They are fantastic human beings and they are as bugged about this situation as we are.
I couldn’t let this treatment go unanswered. ….. … .. and that was the end of her post.
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4 years ago

This is such bullshit. This is unconstitutional..

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