Planned Parenthood Kills More Babies Than Covid Kills People, The Numbers Are Staggering

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Planned Parenthood Kills More Babies Than Covid Kills People, The Numbers Are Staggering

Planned Parenthood Kills More Babies Than Covid Kills People, The Numbers Are Staggering

No one wants to talk about it but we face a much greater pandemic than Covid. Everyone is so worried about Covid yet Planned Parenthood is celebrating close to 8,000,000 abortions of Americans with our tax dollars. Obama made tax funding permanent under Title X so even if we conscientiously object to the abortions and harvesting of fetuses, we still have to pay for the genocide. Planned Parenthood kills 35 fetuses for every 1 prenatal care it gives. Yes that’s a 35-to-1 ratio.


Let’s say Covid killed all 190,000 people, that’s still only half the number of lives taken by PP last year alone.


When Roe v Wade was handed down in 1973, there were less birth control options than we have today, and yet the number of abortions keeps rising. Why is that? What are we patriots failing to understand?


Last year 876,000 abortions took place in the USA and 70% of patients identified as Christians.


Look at the worldometer reading for abortions under “health.” ( We have surpassed 30 million abortions this year globally.


The Left puts Planned Parenthood on a pedestal, yet they murder more babies than any other organization that ever existed. Drop your comments below.


Author :
Frances Newman: I have master in theology from Fuller in California and like to write about Christianity and Politics. Hot button issues like abortion, Christian ethics, etc. Watch for more articles from me very shortly.

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Denise Lull
Denise Lull
3 years ago

Frances… thank you.. a extremely difficult topic to always cover! What a depressing statistic

Frances N
Frances N
3 years ago
Reply to  Denise Lull

I don’t think we can even begin to comprehend 30 million abortions, and we are still not done with 2020. Where is the global outrage?

Marge Holdorf
3 years ago
Reply to  Frances N

Thank you for an eye opening article. I had no idea the statistics were this high.

LA Hatfield
LA Hatfield
2 years ago

The numbers are so depressing, I just can’t wrap my head around willfully allowing someone to go into your body and dismember another tiny little human. They try to dehumanize it by calling it ‘a cluster of cells’ which is bullshit. Thank you for the article!

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