Petition To Congress To Make Changes For Fair and Fraud-Free Elections

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Petition To Congress To Make Changes For Fair and Fraud-Free Elections



Hey Congress! We Want Fair & Fraud-Free Elections!

Hey Congress! We Want Fair & Fraud-Free Elections!

This recent 2020 Presidential Elections has be wrought with fraud. Both Voter Fraud and Election Fraud. By separating the two, we define Voter Fraud as interfering with the actual voting process. Whether the person was voting by mail, absentee ballot, or in person, if that person voted twice, or voted as a different person other than themselves, then they committed voter fraud. Election Fraud is when you interfere with the election and/or its results. If you create ballot counting software that cheats by either changing already cast votes from one candidate to another, or monitors then alerts when vote count differentials need to be addressed. then you’ve committed Election Fraud. There is a big difference between the two, but the goal is the same. The goal is to take the real loser, and make them the winner by any means necessary. (Please Sign The Petition Below)



While we are not going to break down all the cases of voter fraud that took place in this past 2020 Presidential Election. For that information you can visit our blog at , almost every post has in-depth articles concerning all the fraud we follow. But we will state here that as of this writing, there are presently 6 states that have some sort of legal action happening concerning the voter fraud & election fraud that took place this past 2020 Presidential Elections. We break that down, (realize that the state of Virginia was JUST added to the target sight of Sidney Powell. That would make the seventh state). (Please Sign The Petition Below)



States that presently have some sort of legal action include :


Pennsylvania – Certification Has Been Halted so that Investigations can be completed. Legislative Hearing was already held.
Arizona – Legislative Hearing Scheduled (as Pennsylvania already has done already)
Wisconsin – Petition Challenging 150,000 Ballots has been Filed
Nevada – Evidentiary Hearing Scheduled
Georgia – 2 present cases and 11th Circuit granted Expedited Review
Michigan – 100+ Exhibits of Evidence brought forward in the case brought by Sidney Powell
And now it’s being reported that Sidney Powell has just mention Virginia, which would make a total of 7 states.

(Please Sign The Petition Below)



PETITION (Help use reach our goal of 1,000,000 signatures!)

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Completed Signatures :

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3 years ago

We need voter ID mandatory in each and every state! Why is it so difficult for people to understand this? We also need specific watermarking or strips ( like we have in our currency) to insure the ballots were not duplicated or copied in any way. No more mail in ballots except for absentee ( i.e. military serving overseas, etc.)

3 years ago
Reply to  Justin

Justin you are 100% right. It’s really sad that the people that is in charge of voting has no common sense.

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