Opinion on the ‘Wear A Mask’ Music Video Disney Parody

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Opinion on the ‘Wear A Mask’ Music Video Disney Parody


Opinion on the 'Wear A Mask' Music Video Disney Parody

Opinion on the ‘Wear A Mask’ Music Video Disney Parody

I just came across a video for a song called ‘Wear a Mask – Disney Parody‘ which is taken from the popular Disney film Beauty and the Beast. On the surface this is a cute, innocuous, little parody. But who is it really aimed at? Is it children, our least vulnerable population? If so, the curse words are inappropriate for that audience. However, you know (and I suspect whoever produced this knows) that the children will be listening to this and then re-singing it, makes the whole thing even more nauseating. (Which is rather ironic, considering the belief that singing spreads droplets further than speaking.) I don’t really know who they are targeting but I do know that as a member of the most vulnerable population, I find the propaganda creepy and insidious. .. What is your opinion on the video? .. Drop your comments below.



Written by Marge Holdorf
Marge Holdorf AKA Mary Russel, author



VIDEO – Wear A Mask – Disney Parody





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