Open Letter from Pharmacist about COVID-19. A Must Read.

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Open Letter from Pharmacist about COVID-19. A Must Read.



Open Letter from Pharmacist about COVID-19. A Must Read.

Open Letter from Pharmacist about COVID-19. A Must Read.

I actually found this posted on a twitter feed that I follow … I was able to track it back to the ‘supposed’ author and I believe that after you read it, you’ll feel the same way I do … My reaction was what you would expect from an intelligent, informed person; “We knew this, and both China and those f*ckers on the Left in the United States (Liberals/Democrats) are to blame. This was all ‘let loose‘ for one single purpose, To Remove One Man From Power.”


Here’s the Quote / Open Letter :


There’s something very strange going on with this Covid thing. I’ve been a Pharmacist for 43 years, 30 years as an owner. It’s December 12, 2020, well into the “flu season”.


I have not dispensed any Tamiflu this season whatsoever. Tamiflu generic is the most prescribed medication for the flu, once you’re diagnosed having the flu. Extremely effective. I asked my friend Mike, who works as a salesman for a major national wholesaler, how much tamiflu and generic has he sold to Pharmacies this season. He hasn’t sold any. He has 75 accounts of independent pharmacies across the United States.


Conclusion: By now, it’s well known that Covid tests give false positives. How many of these false positives are actually “the flu”? How many are just “the common cold”? Why does the CDC report daily case numbers & deaths for Covid and not for the flu?


CDC says Covid is more deadly than the flu. Well, if you’re potentially taking a large number of flu cases and bundling them into the Covid numbers, then yes, the perception is that it’s more deadly.


I believe we’re being played. Yes, Covid is real, it can be deadly. We now have drug regimens to treat Covid effectively, one being Dr. Zev Zelenko’s @zev_dr regimen, among others. I believe the Covid numbers are being skewed upward, on purpose to continue instilling fear and panic into people, for governments to continue with lockdowns, for more small businesses to be put out, for more people to kill themselves, or others; for more & more social upheaval. Why? Total population control through fear. If we are so obedient to wear masks, obedient to stand here, don’t stand there, obedient to get the Covid vaccine, obedient to carry proof you’ve gotten the vaccine; otherwise, you won’t be able to fly; then it will be buses, trains, taxis, Uber’s,Target,Walmart, grocery stores, everything. Just like that. You’re giving up your freedoms to a virus that has a 99.4 % survival rate, according to the CDC. And the vaccine? Like I’ve told my customers all these years; don’t be the first on your block to try anything new. They really don’t know what they’ll find out in 6 months, a year, 5 years & longer, that can be attributed to the vaccine.


It’s way past time for people to take their heads out of their a** & start thinking for themselves.


—Harvey Staub


So, what do you think? Please let us know in the comments below.


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3 years ago

One of my web sites quit counting ‘deaths’ by Yuhan cv in July when it was confirmed that vehicular accidents resulting in deaths were being counted as ‘COVID’. Remove the murders of the elderly by Coumo, Inslee, Witmer and the NJ Gov, and most of the hysteria is gone. The propaganda was done similar to the body-count by the presstitutes during the Viet Nam War. They were obsessed with the body-counts then, too, to get us to quit fighting and winning over the communists. Johns Hopkins Hospital recent report (since banned by Zuckerberg, Twitter, NYT, WaPOO, etc. and the billionaires)… Read more »

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