NYC Residents leaving the daily grind, and the virus, for peace and quiet

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People from New York City are moving out to the suburbs in droves.

People from New York City are moving out to the suburbs in droves.

Now that the sun is shining and the weather is nicer, but the Chinese Coronavirus is still spreading and ongoing, people really want to start getting outside and breathing in some fresh air. That’s kind of hard to do when you live in a condensed, packed city of over 8.4 million people and all their vehicles and homes to go along with them. That’s when people start to look to move out of all that confusion, and to a place where they can have their space, and their fresh air (well, fresher than you find in a large city). This is exactly what is happening in New York City right now. NYC is made up of 5 boroughs, and is located just where the Hudson River meets the Atlantic Ocean. The ‘island’ takes up only about 302 square miles of space, but is jam packed with well over 8,000,000 people. It’s not a place for everyone. Hence what I call ‘The Movement’.


As unpopular as NY State’s Governor Andrew Cuomo is, you’d figure those looking to escape New York City would want to leave New York State all together, and that is happening, but many are just fleeing upstate a bit to the suburbs. Who could blame them? There’s less people, less crowds, more space, open space, cleaner air, undoubtedly nicer people (NYC’ers can be d-bags). For the very wealthy, they are keeping their city dwellings, while out looking to buy 2nd homes also in the suburbs. Realtors have been seeing record numbers of sales and are being bombarded with calls from inquiring buyers who are looking to move out of the city. Hot spots right now are just outside of the city area, in Westchester County, Long Island and Fairfield County. A good number of people are looking even further out from the city, to a more upstate NY location. A realtor from Greenwich Connecticut was recently interviewed about it all and summed it up nicely “After going through this in the city … people want a place where, if they have kids, they can get out and do something. They can go out for a bike ride, and go for a run or walk and live their daily lives without feeling inundated by their neighbors. It seems like everyone wants to leave the city. Our problem is not enough inventory for sale. We’ve been on the phone 24/7 and on email.”


Has the Coronavirus impacted your life to the extent that you want to move? … Where would you move to if you had the opportunity? …. COMMENT BELOW .



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