Nancy Pelosi Shows Her True Colors

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Nancy Pelosi and the house Democrats are taking advantage of Americans under the guise of a national health crisis by trying to pass another 3 trillion dollar spending bill. The icing on the stupidity cake comes oozed on all sides as the democrats want to offer stimulus money to illegal aliens who preform duties deemed essential. The bill also grants protection to businesses who hired the illegal aliens because why would the democrats want anyone held accountable for upholding the law? Republican house members are seeing through the smoke screen, stating this is just the Democrats way of trying to push amnesty for all illegal aliens. Pelosi ought to hand out the illegals ice cream from her freezer and allow the lot of them to camp out in her gated estate. I expect nothing less from nasty Nancy than to give out American tax payer money to the illegal aliens who undercut all of us by accepting work at lower than market pay and working for cash under the table. It is time to vote out Pelosi and start putting American’s First. The values of Pelosi and her cronies have been exposed now more than ever and America is keen to the games they are playing. Voting red is the only way we can take back our country and prevent stupid spending bills like this from ever seeing the light of day. … COMMENT BELOW


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Which is smarter? Nancy Pelosi or a Box of Rocks?? ... Don't answer that, we already know the answer.

Which is smarter? Nancy Pelosi or a Box of Rocks?? … Don’t answer that, we already know the answer.



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