My 10 Best Ways to De-Stress From Today’s Political Climate

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My 10 Best Ways to De-Stress From Today’s Political Climate



My 10 Best Ways to De-stress From Today's Political Climate

My 10 Best Ways to De-stress From Today’s Political Climate

For the last two years I have found myself engaged in politics more than ever before. With an increasingly busy life filled with raising a family, playing tennis, and trying to take my organization The Unapologetic Republican off the ground, I find myself getting lost in election story after election story. In what is perhaps the biggest election of all time, in what Trump dubs a choice between “a booming comeback or socialism,” I have found it especially difficult to keep up this year because of the increasing number of scandal’s involved with the Biden family. While the main stream media has done their damnedest to keep a lid on them, the free thinking Republicans and I are swamped with scandal after scandal. Frankly the thought of coming in here and having to even dig in to any of it seemed overwhelming to me. Today I wanted to throw you all for a loop, do something a little off the beaten path. I want to make a list called, the ten best ways to de-stress from today’s political climate. So without further ado, here is what I’ve got :



10. Meditate
Along with meditations being proven effective in relaxing the mind and body, this practice of inward-focused thought, along with deep breathing, has been proven to reduce heart disease risk factors including high blood pressure.


9. Take a one hour bubble bath
There is nothing better for the soul than laying down in piping hot water and rejuvenating not only your skin, but your mind as well. Dissolve some Epsom salts and you’re all good.


8. Go to a buffet
Alright so I never promised everything on this list would be healthy. Eating is probably the worst way to overcome stress and a negative coping mechacinism I held onto for many years. But, nothing will distract you better than a wide variety of food. I recommend forking over the big money and going to a rodizio style buffet. The cheap Chinese buffets just won’t hit the same, I promise.


7. Alcohol/Marijuana (if legal)
I figured we may as well just get the negative coping mechanisms out of the way here. Pour an extra big glass of wine, or better yet just chug the bottle. You may get so drunk you walk out into your uber barefoot (true story). I guarantee the last thing on your mind after a certain level of drunkenness is politics. Oh and if you happen to be lucky enough to live in a state where nature is legal, spark one up. In my personal opinion it is safer with no hangover. It is also a great option to pair along with our number 8 on the list.


6. Make whoopee
This ones pretty self explanatory. Maybe try out a new position, or just thank God you are finally getting some. Either way we know you’ll feel better. And ladies may we suggest keeping a toy on hand in case your man isn’t feeling up to the challenge. Not every woman can be as blessed as my wife is!


5. Exercise
If you are a gym rat spending some extra time or getting back into the gym may be an awesome option. If you are like me the gym is rather boring. To those people in my position I suggest digging up that old sport you used to play in high school. For me that sport is tennis, and it has helped me a great deal both in losing weight and in de-stressing. If you never were into sports I recommend finding a low level volleyball league, which tend to be more about being social and/or drinking.


4. Enjoy nature
Find a pretty state park or body of water. Leave the technology behind and go explore. Walking in the crisp fall air is great for your lungs and attitude all in one. There are a lot of hidden gems in this country.


3. Watch a comedy (Laugh!)
Laughter is the best medicine. For me it is old school Chris Farley, Adam Sandler, or Will Ferrell. Whoever you find giving you those deep belly laughs, we recommend giving them some time. Turn the phone off and enjoy the show!


2. Go phone-less for a day
This might not be viable for people in many industries. If that is the case just give up social media for a day. Oh and don’t watch the news either, it is just as damning to your soul as social media. Especially if you watch the fake news like CNN.


1. Take a nap
Put some time aside for yourself. Find a quiet room with a warm blanket. Shut off your phone and all other electronics and play some light background music or a sleeping meditation. If you need to I recommend an orange drink called neuro sleep. It has melatonin in it and makes me tired rather quickly. Catching up on rest will improve almost every single function in the human body.


Have an opinion? How Do You De-Stress? … Drop your comments below.




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Sharon Jensen
Sharon Jensen
3 years ago

Start a new hobby that you will enjoy.

Marge Holdorf
3 years ago

Read a good book.

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