Many Democratic Governors are being called Dictators. Is your governor at war with you?

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Larry, Moe and Curly - Democratic Governors Andrew Cuomo (NY), Phil Murphy (NJ), and Tom Wolf (PA)

Larry, Moe and Curly – Democratic Governors Andrew Cuomo (NY), Phil Murphy (NJ), and Tom Wolf (PA)

Stay-At-Home orders from state Governors are coming back to bite them in the ass as the trickle down effect is leading to court cases and various lawsuits throughout the country. California already has over 12 cases on the books, and there’s more being added as I type this. The Supreme Courts in multiple states (such as my state of Wisconsin) have already ruled the Governors’ orders unconstitutional. ‘Democrat Governor‘ is a term that has now become synonymous with phrases like dictator, over bearing, and economic killer, just to name a few. As American Patriots rally to reopen our country and take back our freedoms, Democratic Governors throughout the United States are pumping the brakes on it. Some are even saying that a reopening can not occur until there is a vaccine available. We all already know that something like that is at least 12 to 18 months away AND most people I know will definitely not be accepting any vaccine for it at all. I personally will not trust any vaccine, especially one that Bill Gates and Dr Fauci have a hand in. It is common knowledge human bodies need to be exposed to illness and viruses so they can build up defensive, disease fighting antibodies. Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom of California has gone on to say “Those that continue to pursue things that put people in harm’s risk, you have to have stepped up efforts and enforcement and sanctions.” It is my hope and dream that our American citizens continue to fight against this tyranny, and that our Supreme Courts, such as Wisconsin, continue to side with the people and not the dictators. … Tell us, is your governor at war with you? .. COMMENT BELOW ..



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4 years ago

I live in NJ and our pansy Governor Phil Murphy is the classic Liberal. What’s worse is that there’s so many people here who support him and like him.

4 years ago

The “D” next to their name no longer stands for Democrat, but instead Dictator.

4 years ago

Yes my state New Jersey my Governor is a socialist dictator named Murphy..

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