Johnson & Johnson Halts Use of Their COVID-19 Vaccine

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Johnson & Johnson Halts Use of Their COVID-19 Vaccine


Johnson & Johnson Halts Use of Their COVID-19 Vaccine

Johnson & Johnson Halts Use of Their COVID-19 Vaccine

People are getting such horrible reactions from Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine that use of it has been halted. The situation has now become so overwhelmingly out of control that both the FDA and the CDC have recommended that Johnson & Johnson stop with the distribution of their COVID-19 vaccine, and that all facilities that have been using it to stop immediately. In the past several days, there have been a large number of reported negative side effects that have hit the main stream news. There’s also been reports of people who have received the J&J vaccine, but weeks later still contracted the virus. Usually the liberal media keeps these things as hush-hush as possible, but the situation was happening at such a fast pace and was growing out of control that there was no way to stop the news from spreading.



Here’s a list of Source articles and reports related to the issues from Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 Vaccine. We’ve collected these just from the past day, so there’s bound to be more by now. :



FDA halts use of Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine due to rare blood-clotting issues in six women :


Brooklyn woman contracts COVID-19 virus THREE weeks after Johnson & Johnson vaccine :


Man in hospital with COVID-19 after receiving Johnson & Johnson vaccine :


3 NJ family members contract COVID-19 despite getting vaccine shot last month :


NYC man tests positive for COVID two weeks after Johnson & Johnson vaccine :


CDC and FDA recommend US pause use of Johnson & Johnson’s Covid-19 vaccine over blood clot concerns :


Woman Tells Her Story of Adverse Reaction to the SUSPENDED J&J Vaccine :


3 (Three) Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Sites Shutdown in North Carolina, Colorado and Georgia. :



All I have to say is HOLY CRAP!! This is getting our of hand, even though we knew something like this was going to happen AND we warned people. … THOUGHTS?? Please feel free to leave your comments below.




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Melaine Donley
Melaine Donley
3 years ago

Make the companies liable. This will stop. Oh and Ivermectin, vitamin D, zinc.

3 years ago

I have tried to warn my friends and family about the “vaccines”, many of them in healthcare. Most have gotten at least one shot. Many ask why I believe all the conspiracy theories. I ask them why they would believe Fauci, the CDC, and the WHO. The Doctors who speak out against the vaccines have nothing to gain and have been cancelled by their peers and the media. Fauci, big pharma, the CDC, the FDA, and the WHO all have skin in the game and something to gain from keeping people scared. All this for a virus that is treatable… Read more »

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