James O’Keefe Project Veritas Sues The NY Times

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James O’Keefe Project Veritas Sues The NY Times



James O'Keefe Project Veritas Sues The NY Times

James O’Keefe Project Veritas Sues The NY Times

Maggie Astor, who’s a reporter for the rag The New York Times, wrote a piece on the ‘Ballot Harvesting’ video that was released by Project Veritas (found here : https://www.projectveritas.com/news/ilhan-omar-connected-cash-for-ballots-voter-fraud-scheme-corrupts-elections/) What Maggie Astor wrote turned out to allegedly be false and lies, so Project Veritas went ahead and sued. Not sure if you know this, but Project Veritas has NEVER lost a court case. They’ve always won a ‘retraction’ story, but they get little publicity since it shames the MSM. James O’Keefe released the video in 5 (five) parts. We’ve stitched them all together into one video so it’s a little neater to deal with and share. Also remember to use the hashtag #ExposeNYT and #ExposeNYTimes when you post and share. In his release of the videos, he also wrote this, and I quote “I refuse to let The New York Times get away with their false reporting. We’re suing the sh*t out of them!”


We’ve transcribed the first part of the video, but there’s 4 more parts and they are not to be missed. Watch the FULL VIDEO below. James O’Keefe starts off the video stating “So Maggie Astor, in the first sentence of her defamatory article, writes, quote, A deceptive video and we sue her for that. And in defense of that, Maggie Astor says, again, this is under oath, quote, There was no way for me to verify the claims that the unnamed sources purported to make in the video. So let me get this straight. You’re trying to make the argument that because you can’t corroborate it yourself or verify it yourself, because there are sources, it is ergo deceptive. Do you understand how much of a logical fallacy that is? You’re a reporter, right? You understand how ridiculous that is because you can’t do the journalism. Again, we’re doing something that you can’t do or didn’t do, and we’re doing what you can’t do and therefore it’s deceptive. Got it. I don’t think that’ll work with the judge. And to make this even more ridiculous, The New York Times says in the reply to our lawsuit, quote, “Even if the statements about unidentified sources were false, they are simply not defamatory. Using unnamed sources is a common journalistic practice and generally accepted.” Well, isn’t that rich? According to Maggie Astor, it’s deceptive when we do it, but it’s perfectly OK if you do it. Unnamed sources for me, but not for thee. And I think it’s really amazing that you say even if it’s false. So you’re admitting there that what you reported is not true, but it doesn’t matter because we can do it and you can’t, got it.



James O’Keefe of Project Veritas Hammers NY Times Reporter Maggie Astor





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Jack Shipley
Jack Shipley
3 years ago

James, God Bless you, brother!

3 years ago

It’s about time somebody’s taking on the New York times. I hope they take him for every damn time they got. They don’t want to report the news they just want to report what they want the news to be they don’t take into consideration that they’re not the only people living in this country and we all don’t have to act like robots or be robots that the rest of you are pushing upon us.. the New York times should be reporting that they’re using a virus to cut back on the population because Obamacare didn’t work fast enough.with… Read more »

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