It’s Time We Stop Normalizing Government Assistance

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It’s Time We Stop Normalizing Government Assistance



It's Time We Stop Normalizing Government Assistance

It’s Time We Stop Normalizing Government Assistance

To single mothers struggling to provide for your children, this is not for you. To the elderly, the sick, and to those not physically able to work, this is not for you. To all you iPhone yielding, Gucci bag wearing 20 year old robots, this is for you so listen up.




It is time we stop normalizing receiving government assistance for those who do not need it. I am discouraged from all the times people, mainly friends of my wife, will say to her “we get $600 a month in food stamps“. Then of course because my wife grew up in an environment like that, she thinks “Wow! That would be $600 a month you don’t have to earn. That’s $600 worth of time we could be spending together.




Then I have to repeatedly explain to her just because everyone else is doing this, it is not right. Healthy able-bodied 20 year old men and women (and not even only 20 year olds, but these are the ones who brag about it the most) should be absolutely ashamed for taking government handouts that should have never been given to them in the first place.




As a hard-working American taxpayer I am absolutely sick of footing the bill for these lazy entitled spoiled brats. I, as a millennial, am absolutely ashamed at the number of people that think this is okay behavior. Again it is not only our youth, I see the entitlement in some of our older generation as well, however it is not getting any better and trending downward at an alarming rate.




I am absolutely disheartened and terrified for our future that we will have with all of these handout seeking problematic individuals in this country. I can understand many circumstances in which these types of programs are designed for, but the 20 year-old working less than 40 hours a week millennial does not fit that bill!




It is time we stop normalizing people taking these types of assistance, and start normalizing busting our butts at work to make our own income. Financial literacy and Independence seems dead in this era. I would like to publicly shame these people the way they try to publicly shame all Republicans as being racist. The thought of mooching off the government with such lack of regard to the people that actually need these programs is awful. I am sick beyond words and hope we can put our heads together on how we can stop this madness.



Does this bother you too? Or do you have a different opinion? … Please feel free to comment below.



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