Even With Mask Mandates, Coronavirus Infection Numbers Climb

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Even With Mask Mandates, Coronavirus Infection Numbers Climb



Even With Mask Mandates, Coronavirus Infection Numbers Climb

Even With Mask Mandates, Coronavirus Infection Numbers Climb

We’ve all seen the signs everywhere. ‘Masks Required‘; I mean you pretty much can’t enter a four walled structure without wearing a mask. Some cities and states want you to wear a mask even indoors, and in your own home. ‘SCIENCE!‘, they scream. They think we don’t remember elementary school science where we learn about viruses, and then during further education, we learn even more about virus and how they transmit. Thanks for the ‘reminder’ Liberals! .. But wait a moment. Something does not make sense. This coronavirus, COVID-19, sometimes acts like a virus, and sometimes, according to many news reports, achieves a feat that no other virus has ever accomplished, whatever it may be. It’s SuperVirus! .. Seriously, I think we can all agree that something is not ‘kosher’ here.




It’s been mostly liberal democrat governors and mayors that have created executive orders and ordinances, all cloaked as laws, to force what they call Mask Mandates. So, even the disgruntled ones, put on that face muzzle so that they can go food shopping, or to go pick up a prescription. So, we’re good, right? Being good little observants by wearing our masks, social distancing and staying home whenever possible. It’s been MONTHS, so we should be all good .. Right??



NOT! .. Here comes the FEAR inoculation again. Here’s the media with nothing but negative news about the virus, and that the infected numbers are climbing hard. (No mention about the survival rate, or the number people who received testing; Of course not, that would skewer their Fear).



Buck Sexton tweeted “Does anyone have a real explanation of how it’s possible mask compliance is the most widespread it has been all year, but we now have more cases than we did in March after months of viral spread with *no masking at all*? Please answer before Twitter bans me for asking.” … Some of the comments definitely make you raise an eyebrow.



Buck’s Tweet


But don’t you DARE speak out in opposition to the ‘mask’ theory. One doctor recently spoke out, and he had his medical license suspended. Dr Steven LaTulippe spoke at a Stop The Steal Rally and said “I and my staff, none of us, not once, worse a mask in my clinic. I petition all of you, take off the mask of shame.” He also confirmed that his own staff does not follow guidelines set forth by the Oregon Medical Board.



What are your thoughts? Please let us know in the comments below.


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3 years ago

just let me know when you are all ready to resist this horrible farce! does America still have guts?

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