Democratic Cities & States Report 3 Times the amount of Covid infected people than Republican Ones

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The number of infected people is 3 times higher in Democratic run areas when compared to Republican ones.

The number of infected people is 3 times higher in Democratic run areas when compared to Republican ones.

Why is it that Democratic Governors & Mayors have placed very strict guidelines for staying home, shopping, going out, keeping safe distances, wearing gloves & masks, HOWEVER, their coronavirus infected numbers are 3 times the amount of Republican run areas? Shouldn’t the stricter confinement orders keep us all safer from the virus? You would think so after all the sh*t that has been spewed by these liberal governors and mayors. Turns out, even Dr Fauci just came out and said that “staying closed for too long could cause irreparable damage”. … WAIT! … WHAT? … Wasn’t Dr Fauci the one that told us to keep separate, to wear masks and gloves ….. And then told us also the masks don’t always work, no gloves are necessary any more, and to keep away from other people …. Hold on, my head is spinning … Well, which is it? ..


This was taken directly from a Reuters article “By Wednesday, U.S. counties that voted for Democrat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election reported 39 coronavirus deaths per 100,000 residents, according to an analysis of demographic and public health data. In counties that voted for Republican Donald Trump, 13 of every 100,000 people had died from the virus. The uneven impact reflects the disproportionate toll the infectious disease has taken in densely packed Democratic-voting cities like New York. Rural areas and far-flung suburbs that typically back Republicans have not seen as direct an impact.” … This ‘ratio’ continues way beyond New York, which has turned into ground zero for the United States. Counties that are run Democratically in 36 of the 50 U.S. states have reported higher death rates than Republican counties. Reuters article went on “In Maryland, where the disease has killed more than 2,000 people, the death rate in the Democratic suburbs of Washington is four times higher than in the conservative counties in the Appalachian panhandle. In Kansas, which has reported 152 fatalities, the death rate is seven times higher in the two counties that backed Clinton than in the rest of the state.” .. You think this is just a coincidence?? I don’t! .. COMMENT BELOW



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4 years ago

These liberal governors and mayors need to be removed immediately. They won’t stop until they crash the economy and put the country into a recession. It’s disgusting!

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