Covid 2nd Wave Hits Iran, American Liberals Giddy with Joy

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Covid-19 Second Wave Hits Iran, American Liberals Giddy with Joy


Here comes the next hysteria from the Left. "The 2nd Wave is here! Quick, Run & Hide!"

Here comes the next hysteria from the Left. “The 2nd Wave is here! Quick, Run & Hide!”

Well, we all knew it was going to happen eventually. Meaning that we knew that the Liberal Left and the Media would be pushing the coming of the ‘2nd wave‘ to keep us ‘controlled‘, and to continue to push their mail-in voting agenda. Since the murder of George Floyd, the news about Coronavirus, or Covid-19, has taken a back seat. In fact I haven’t even heard the word mentioned in at least several days. Remember when true American Patriots gathered in a peaceful protest at the steps of the capital in Michigan? They were there in protest of their extremely liberal governor, Gretchen Whitmer, and her over-reaching lock-down and stay-at-home-orders. Governor Whitmer even went as far as to say, without any proof, that “there is evidence protests spread COVID-19“. She tightened her liberal noose on her state by punishing the protesters by extending her draconian orders. As far as I can tell, not one state in the United States has been able to definitively prove that easing restrictions in public areas has resulted in a rise in Covid cases. They may SAY it, but in this day and age, we want undeniable proof. … So here comes what the Left has hoped for. Someone to say “the 2nd wave has hit us, and it’s bad“, and that some one was Iran just this morning.


On June 4th, Iran released a statement that said the country marked its highest daily jump of Covid since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak with 3,574 coronavirus cases. This was the third day in a row that the country confirmed over 3,000 daily new infections. The government supposedly had the virus under control about a month ago, but it is now getting increasingly clear that the “dreaded” ‘second wave’ of the virus has started rising in Iran. During the pandemic there, the economy completely tanked and this ‘new’ news will undoubtedly have the country struggling to economically survive.


What really worries me though is will the liberal Left, and the media go hog wild with this news? Is this the news Liberal Governors and and Mayors have been waiting for to institute a 2nd ‘lockdown’ or ‘stay-at-home’ order? Or even worse? … Only time will tell, but I can say that history has shown that the Left has jumped on every opportunity to accomplish their goals, no matter what the cost. Let’s see what happens. With the news coming from Iran today, we should now see hints of American 2nd waves coming from the media. Their agenda of pushing ‘fear’ continues ….. What are YOUR thoughts? Are you concerned about a ‘second wave’? .. COMMENT BELOW.



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