Chinese Virus has been a Great Friend to Amazon

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Chinese Virus has been a Great Friend to Amazon



Chinese Virus has been a Great Friend to Amazon

Chinese Virus has been a Great Friend to Amazon

While businesses around the country, and around the world, are struggling just to stay afloat, there have been a few stand outs that have done amazingly well. In fact, tremendously well. Amazon is one of them. Amazon is doing so well, they’ve needed to hire hundreds of thousands of new employees.


Over 400,000 people globally have been hired by Amazon since January, amassing over 1,000 new hires per day.


Not included in the 400,000 new hires are an additional 100,000 seasonal employees the company enhanced before the beginning of the holiday season, which boosts the average to 1,400 new Amazon hires per day.


In 2020’s third quarter, Amazon maintained 1.25 million global employees without including the extra 100,000 seasonal hires. In comparison to 2019’s fourth quarter the company has nearly doubled their total which was 647,000 global employees. There seems to be no end in site for Amazon as far as growth and development goes. Their market really started booming due to Covid-19 and many people not wanting to be exposed to the virus.



Have you noticed yourself ordering through Amazon more now than you have in the past? … Let us know in the comments below.


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