CDC Says Over 50,000 Heart Attack Deaths Counted as Covid-19 Deaths

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CDC Says Over 50,000 Heart Attack Deaths Counted as Covid-19 Deaths



CDC Says Over 50,000 Heart Attack Deaths Counted as Covid-19 Deaths

CDC Says Over 50,000 Heart Attack Deaths Counted as Covid-19 Deaths

While there is ZERO evidence that being infected by COVID-19 virus causes you to have a heart attack. Or even anything that would lead you to have a heart attack, YET the CDC now says that over 50,000 of them were actually counted as Covid-19 Deaths. The heart attacks were proven to be cause by pre-existing conditions, but even still, their #’s went to bolster the Coronavirus Death Count and Fatality Percentage.


Depending on what business you are in, or your personal life situation, some people may think it’s OK to ‘cheat the system’ or just ‘tell one little lie’ to make a little extra money on the side. This is what’s been happening with hospitals across the country and the Chinese Virus. The government pays them MUCH more for patients that die from it, rather than any other cause of death.



OAN News (One America News) just recently stated : The latest numbers from the CDC reveal hospitals have been counting patients who died from serious preexisting conditions as COVID-19 deaths. One America’s Pearson Sharp has more, as the CDC counts over 51-thousand patients who actually died from heart attacks, as opposed to the coronavirus.



VIDEO – CDC Reveals Hospitals Counted Heart Attacks as COVID-19 Deaths


People across the country are beyond frightened of getting infected by the covid-19 virus solely based on what they believe is pretty much an instant death sentence, when the truth couldn’t be farther from that. While nobody discounts the potential risks of fatalities with COVID-19, particularly for the elderly, the level of risk is at or near the same levels as other diseases such as the flu. And that assessment from Dr. Simone Gold is based on current CDC numbers that include heart attacks and other non-COVID-19-related deaths.



There is a very big difference between the number of people who died with COVID-19 coronavirus in their system and those died as a direct or even indirect result of contracting COVID-19. Pneumonia, for example, can often be attributed as being caused by COVID-19. Heart attack, diabetes, and other common ailments that killing millions worldwide every year have no direct attribution to COVID-19. There is no evidence that COVID-19 exacerbates these and other preexisting conditions that would lead to death.



In other words, tens of thousands or more Americans who died supposedly from COVID-19 would have died whether they contracted the disease or not. All these numbers and facts make the fatality rate even lower than ever stated before.




If someone has the flu and dies from a heart attack, the cause of death is listed as cardiac arrest, not the flu. But the same cannot be said about COVID-19. With the government giving financial incentives to hospitals to increase their numbers, of course they will.


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Deb Burow
Deb Burow
3 years ago

When will Americans wake up to the truth? If individuals across this nation will arm themselves with truth AND CONTINUE TO SPEAK UP, over and over, maybe we will finally get people to stop and think. Truth is the only thing that sets us free. But the left wants us to believe we are AGAIN victims, always.

3 years ago

Knew that and more than just heart attacks. Friend died of cancer, death certificate said Covid.

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