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Joe Biden Just Pissed On The Constitution, Again

  Joe Biden Just Pissed On The Constitution, Again   Joe Biden has only been ‘in office’ for 3 months now (about 90 days) and he’s repeatedly gone against the Constitutional Freedoms given to American citizens. These Freedoms are all God given rights. If you’re unsure of that, read the Declaration of Independence ( and […]

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What is the meaning of ‘Free Speech’?

What is the meaning of ‘Free Speech’?   One of the things that the First Amendment protects for all American Citizens, is the protection of Freedom of Speech. Although what exactly defines ‘protected speech‘ has been debated over for quite some time. Even the Supreme Court has had issues determining what exactly constitutes protected speech. […]

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FACT : The U.S. Constitution does not change because of a pandemic

Remember, at first the ‘lock-down’ orders were just to FLATTEN THE CURVE. I heard NJ’s Governor Phil Murphy say that every freaking day during his daily briefings. In fact the original statement we were given was that the lockdowns were substantiated under the guise that “fifteen days to flatten the curve” was needed. Well those […]

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