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U.S. Leaves China In The Dust with future ‘Made In America’ Medical Supplies

The United States relies very heavily on the production and manufacturing of many products in China. Why? Simple answer, CASH. It’s so much less expensive to produce almost anything in China. It stems from them paying their citizen workers very little amounts, and from cutting every corner possible. That is why many of the products […]

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My Business Was Raided By The Police – The Story of Business Owner Nick Koumalatsos

Business owner Nick Koumalatsos, who owns Agoge Training (online exercise coaching) and Snap Fitness Holly Ridge was visited by North Carolina authorities at his gym’s physical location because they say he was in violation of the governor’s orders. A back-and-forth happened, yet the liberal Governor obviously did not care about the average man and small […]

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Quote : “I guess it takes 4 cops to threaten a lawful business these days.”

Writer : Monica Cole (She and her son own CrossFit Apollo in Nevada. This was taken directly from her public FB Page)   I guess it takes 4 cops to threaten a lawful business these days. Our governor has decided Walmart, hair salons, restaurants and home improvement stores are “safe” but a gym is hazardous. […]

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Many Democratic Governors are being called Dictators. Is your governor at war with you?

Stay-At-Home orders from state Governors are coming back to bite them in the ass as the trickle down effect is leading to court cases and various lawsuits throughout the country. California already has over 12 cases on the books, and there’s more being added as I type this. The Supreme Courts in multiple states (such […]

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The Slow Death of JC Penney – Is it Too Late?

JC Penney, one of our nations oldest department store chains, officially filed for bankruptcy yesterday, Friday May 15th. The store announced it will be running a phase by phase store closure plan. Covid-19 wiped out the small glimmer of hope that was left in the companies hopeful plan for prosperity. JC Penney, as well as […]

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Retail stores crushed by coronavirus, J.C. Penney & 550 Others File For Bankruptcy

In what looks to be the largest retail casualty of the coronavirus pandemic, J.C. Penney has just announced it will be filing for Bankruptcy. What’s even sadder is that news like this makes the LEFT cheer. They are happy at the destruction of our economy. Why? All because it makes one man look bad; POTUS. […]

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