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Our Democratic Leaders are Disgusting Human Beings

Our Democratic Leaders are Disgusting Human Beings   It’s now day 4 of the Senate Committee Hearings of SCOTUS Nominee Amy Coney Barrett and we’ve again seen the nasty side of our Democratic political leaders. While this hearing process is supposed to be a bipartisan attempt to asking questions to vet an incoming SCOTUS nominee, […]

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Democratic Cities & States Report 3 Times the amount of Covid infected people than Republican Ones

Why is it that Democratic Governors & Mayors have placed very strict guidelines for staying home, shopping, going out, keeping safe distances, wearing gloves & masks, HOWEVER, their coronavirus infected numbers are 3 times the amount of Republican run areas? Shouldn’t the stricter confinement orders keep us all safer from the virus? You would think […]

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Many Democratic Governors are being called Dictators. Is your governor at war with you?

Stay-At-Home orders from state Governors are coming back to bite them in the ass as the trickle down effect is leading to court cases and various lawsuits throughout the country. California already has over 12 cases on the books, and there’s more being added as I type this. The Supreme Courts in multiple states (such […]

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Michigan Governor Says Sports Fans in Her State Won’t Be Filling Stadiums In The Fall

To the dismay of many sports fans in the state of Michigan, who are extremely eager for things to return to normal after the coronavirus shutdown, some disheartening news was released by Governor Gretchen Whitmer on Tuesday May 14th, 2020.   Whitmer said in an interview with Detroit radio station WKQI-FM that life is going […]

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