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CDC Says Over 50,000 Heart Attack Deaths Counted as Covid-19 Deaths

CDC Says Over 50,000 Heart Attack Deaths Counted as Covid-19 Deaths     While there is ZERO evidence that being infected by COVID-19 virus causes you to have a heart attack. Or even anything that would lead you to have a heart attack, YET the CDC now says that over 50,000 of them were actually […]

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New CDC Numbers Show a .26 Fatality Rate for Coronavirus COVID-19

Well those numbers dropped real fast. Originally I think it was Dr. Fauci that guesstimated the fatality rate of 2%, and the WHO (World Health Organization) stated it was more like 3.4 percent. After both the Doctor and WHO stated those numbers on national television (and streamed live on every device and browser), even President […]

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Afraid to touch something due to coronavirus? CDC Now says it ‘does not spread easily’

With all the fear mongering going on by the Media, Social Media and the Left, we have people all over the country (and world) that are terrified of everything. They do not leave their homes, they do not allow visitors. All deliveries must be dropped off and left outside. People have flipped their entire lives […]

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