Canadian Scientists Believe Marijuana Can Help and Treat Coronavirus

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Pass the joint dude! I want to protect myself from COVID-19.

Pass the joint dude! I want to protect myself from COVID-19.

Pass the doobie, dude. .. No, seriously, pass me the joint because we’re hearing now that Cannabis is believed to help prevent and treat coronavirus. Out of Canada, comes a group of scientists that strongly believe that certain very strong strains of marijuana can help prevent and treat the virus. These scientists and researchers are out of the University of Lethbridge, and they conducted multiple tests using different cannabis plants. The results of the test showed that at least 13 of the plants that contained very high levels of CBD seemed to change (in a good way) the ACE2 pathways that the coronavirus uses to access the human body. Olga Kovalchuk, one of the researchers, stated “We were totally stunned at first, and then we were really happy. The results also showed that hemp extracts that contain large amounts of CBD may help block proteins that provide a “doorway” for COVID-19 to walk right in and infect host cells.”. One of the other researchers, Kovalchuk’s husband Igor, said that CBD (and a bit of THC) can reduce the number of entry points for the virus to come through, by up to 70%. He went on to say “Therefore, you have more chance to fight it. Our work could have a huge influence — there aren’t many drugs that have the potential of reducing infection by 70 to 80 percent.”. However, they did stress that more research is needed to be done before a solid conclusion can be made. … So, what about you? Would you smoke a fattie to protect yourself against coronavirus?? COMMENT BELOW.



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