Attorney Lin Wood Says Jeffrey Epstein Still Alive

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Attorney Lin Wood Says Jeffrey Epstein Still Alive



Attorney Lin Wood Says Jeffrey Epstein Still Alive (Click for full size)

Attorney Lin Wood Says Jeffrey Epstein Still Alive (Click for full size)

I’m warning you to take this at face value. This has NOT been confirmed in any way, shape or form, but the source is quite impressive and has proven to be trust worth. Attorney Lin Wood, who recently was having a bit of a tweet war about some ‘facts’ about Supreme Court Justice John Roberts, just let loose some shocking information. In one of his latest tweets, Lin Wood refers to telling ‘doubters’ to ask Roberts himself (about a claim Wood made) and then followed it by “Or ask Jeffrey Epstein. He is alive.



Now why would a prominent attorney like Lin Wood say something like that if it wasn’t true. If what Lin Wood has said about Justice Roberts is untrue, then where are the lawsuits? Kind of makes you think. There were many rumors circulating after the ‘death’ of Jeffrey Epstein, even one that said he was still alive, and being protect by Trump so that Epstein could be brought in as a witness to help bring everyone involved down in the whole pizzagate p3d0 thing. .. What are YOUR thoughts? .. Is Jeffrey Epstein STILL ALIVE?? … Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.



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Sue K Estrada
Sue K Estrada
2 years ago

who knows anything any more? This is a very reputable ATTY; and he’s what 68 yrs old; And he’s a Q follower……. my mind is SO boggled by everything, that I have no opinion on whether he is alive or not…… Lets ask GHISLANE MAXWELL.

2 years ago

ANY information that we are being allowed to receive is being tailored. In my observation, BOTH sides are STILL playing the baton race that has been ongoing for decades. Only Trump refuses to play. That is why BOTH sides hate him so. The shit has hit the fan. At this point ANYTHING in the air is shit. Get a face full and regret it or duck…and wait to see who has shit in their hand. That is the only way to tell friend from foe at this point.

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