Almost 50 Schools in California Change Their Offensive Names

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Almost 50 Schools in California Change Their Offensive Names


Almost 50 Schools in California Change Their Offensive Names

Almost 50 Schools in California Change Their Offensive Names

As of this moment, there are 44 (forty four) schools located in San Francisco that contain the names of past American leaders and heroes, who are now deemed politically incorrect due to their ties to slavery or some other non-PC reason. School names that contain the names of Presidents Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington are now all banned and will have their names changed. The Left is so hell bent on removing ‘offensive’ material that they are not even sure of what they are removing, the San Francisco Chronicle stated in a recent article that “In one instance, the committee didn’t know whether Roosevelt Middle School was named after Theodore or Franklin Delano.” So instead of researching it to confirm which person it’s named after, they’ll just change it anyway.



Let’s just forget about the virus plandemic still going on, let’s forget about the fact that many Americans are out of work and can not put food on the table, and let’s get pissed at a bunch of school names and shake the foundations of this country until the names are changed to something less offensive. .. This is the mind-set of the Left .. This is what they are more concerned with; Changing School names that contain the names of past Presidents who had some sort of relationship with slavery. If you go so far as to label Abraham Lincoln as ‘offensive’ then shouldn’t every other living human being be one too? Didn’t Lincoln’s actions FREE the slaves? Other ‘offensive’ names that are on the list with those Presidents include Catholic Priest Junipero Serra, Francis Scott Key (author of the Star Spangled Banner), and John Muir (aka John of the Mountains or Father of the National Parks; He was an advocate for the preservation of wildernesses in the United States) … See Full List Below :



Here are the list of school names the San Francisco School Board has approved to change :

– Balboa High School, Spanish explorer Vasco Nunez de Balboa
– Abraham Lincoln High School, U.S. President
– Mission High School, Mission Dolores
– George Washington High School, first U.S. President
– Lowell High School, poet/critic James R. Lowell
– James Denman Middle School, founder of first S.F. school
– Everett Middle School, Edward Everett, American statesman
– Herbert Hoover Middle School, U.S. President
– James Lick Middle School, land baron
– Presidio Middle School, S.F. military post
– Roosevelt Middle School, Theodore or F.D., both U.S. Presidents
– Lawton K-8, U.S. Army officer Henry Ware Lawton
– Claire Lilienthal (two sites), S.F. school board member
– Paul Revere K-8, American Revolution patriot
– Alamo Elementary, a poplar tree or the site of Texas Revolution battle
– Alvarado Elementary, Pedro de Alvarado, conquistador
– Bryant Elementary, author Edwin Bryant
– Clarendon Elementary Second Community and Japanese Bilingual Bicultural Program, Edward Hyde, Earl of Clarendon, English politician
– El Dorado Elementary, mythical City of Gold
– Dianne Feinstein Elementary, U.S. senator and former S.F. mayor
– Garfield Elementary, James Garfield, U.S. President
– Grattan Elementary, William Henry Grattan, Irish author
– Jefferson Elementary, Thomas Jefferson, U.S. President
– Francis Scott Key Elementary, composer of “Star Spangled Banner”
– Frank McCoppin Elementary, S.F. mayor
– McKinley Elementary, William McKinley, U.S. President
– Marshall Elementary, James Wilson Marshall, sawmill worker at Sutter’s Mill
– Monroe Elementary, James Monroe, U.S. President
– John Muir Elementary, naturalist
– Jose Ortega Elementary, Spanish colonizer
– Sanchez Elementary, Jose Bernardo Sanchez, Spanish missionary
– Junipero Serra Elementary, Spanish priest
– Sheridan Elementary, Gen. Philip Sheridan
– Sherman Elementary, Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman
– Commodore Sloat Elementary, John Sloat, Navy officer
– Robert Louis Stevenson Elementary, author
– Sutro Elementary, Adolph Sutro, S.F. mayor
– Ulloa Elementary, Don Antonio de Ulloa, Spanish general
– Daniel Webster Elementary, U.S. statesman
– Noriega Early Education School, unclear
– Presidio EES, S.F. military post
– Stockton EES, Robert F. Stockton, Navy commodore




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Michael Dexter
3 years ago

All the more reason not to let your children attend any school run by these socialists/communists. But true patriots need to protest at the same time by contacting these traitors and telling them that what they are doing is un-American.

3 years ago

Oh yes let’s make one Caitlyn Jenner high school, or Goerge Floyd high (fentanyl funded), ooh ooh… Bernie Sanders elementry… how lame is california becoming…they are begging for tree seeds right now…fires happen when you remove 93% of the water from the land…DUH! I hope it slides off into the paciffic

Tom Woosley
Tom Woosley
3 years ago

I scrolled through quickly and Dianne Feinstein Elementary was the only one that seemed not politically correct. Possibly a sewage treatment plant or landfill would be more appropriate use of her name.

3 years ago

I bet we can rename them Pelosi, Biden, Carter, Zuckerberg, Soros, Clinton, Schumer, Romney–need I go on?

Kamala isa Hag
Kamala isa Hag
3 years ago

So lets start naming the racist Black names, Like MLK school, that way you’ll have drive by shooting just like on his BLVD!

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