Afraid to touch something due to coronavirus? CDC Now says it ‘does not spread easily’

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The CDC, are they full of sh*t, just morons, or puppets of the Left? You tell me, You Can Comment Below.

The CDC, are they full of sh*t, just morons, or puppets of the Left? You tell me, You Can Comment Below.

With all the fear mongering going on by the Media, Social Media and the Left, we have people all over the country (and world) that are terrified of everything. They do not leave their homes, they do not allow visitors. All deliveries must be dropped off and left outside. People have flipped their entire lives upside down due to the over-hyped fear that is being pushed. We’ve also seen many, many statements from the CDC, some of which have contradicted what they themselves have said at an earlier time. At one moment during the coronavirus pandemic, we were all told to wear surgical gloves (or any gloves you can find) as to stop the spread of the virus. If you touched just about anything with your bare hands, you were told to wash them immediately. We were also told to wash our hands for 20 minutes and to do it frequently. … Well here comes the CDC again with another reversal.


This time the statement says coronavirus ‘does not spread easily’ via contaminated surfaces. … WAIT! … WHAT?? … We were just disciplined by Governors, Mayors, Doctors, Health Experts, the CDC themselves and other specialists that we must stop the spread by Staying Home, (and while out) Wearing Masks, Keep Safe Distancing, No Touching Your Face, Touch as few surfaces as possible, Wash your hands … and now all of a sudden, the CDC comes out and says “WAIT! … We made a mistake, the Coronavirus does NOT spread so easily by touching contaminated surfaces.” … Now remember, how many places have you gone to where they constantly wipe stuff down? Just standing in line at Shoprite, half the employees are wiping down their stations, the credit card machines (which they wrap in plastic, but then we all touch the same plastic!) after almost every customer. I came from the dentist the other day, and he had more employees wiping down things in the office, than doing actual office work. Back in March, the CDC stated “It may be possible” to spread the virus from contaminated surfaces. HOWEVER, the CDC now includes “surfaces or objects” under a special section that explains ways in which the coronavirus does NOT readily transmit. … What a change in stance/position! Just goes to show you that some of the time, if not all of the time, the CDC and other organizations have NO CLUE as to what they are talking about; Either that or they are outright liars. … What do you think of the CDC? .. COMMENT BELOW



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