A Heartfelt Message From Our Founder, Taylor Soddy

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A Heartfelt Message From Our Founder, Taylor Soddy



A Heartfelt Message From Our Founder, Taylor Soddy

A Heartfelt Message From Our Founder, Taylor Soddy

Dear Unapologetic Republicans nationwide,


This is me, Taylor Soddy, your proud Founder. Through almost 2 years of hard work and dedication, I had amassed our Facebook group to over 67,000 members. I met some great people from all over the United States and am thankful to have a whole new crop of friends thanks to the out reach and comradery of each and every one of you.


I had a staff of 8 volunteer moderators and 1 other administrator. We started an up and coming breed of Republicans fueled by Trump, and our love for the nation. We let the snowflake goody two shoe Republicans see themselves out the door and we let the certified bad ass Republican Patriots stick around.


Unfortunately Facebook decided to pull the plug on us, citing we were too “dangerous”. I think it is the people we want to save our country from who are the dangerous ones. Although I felt like when Zuckerburg took our group away, he took a part of my life. However, I realized we are bigger than the platform. All of you have shown me such love, support, and encouragement, that I am energized and ready to bring our talents to MeWe, a True Free Speech Platform. I need you all to join, and tell your friends. The link to join can be found at www.BeFreeOnMeWe.com (case does not matter)


We wanted make our site domain something catchy and memorable, and it even rhymes! So tell your friends to join by going to “BeFreeOnMeWe.com“. If you can please share this message on Facebook with the hashtag (#BeFreeOnMeWe) it would mean the world to me. We want to blow this up on a global level. I need you all on board for this to happen because getting people to cross platforms will be a lot harder than growing my Facebook group was. Do not stop until every American Patriot is on our group. Our country depends on it!  … God Bless – Taylor Soddy



Find us at BeFreeOnMeWe.com

Find us at BeFreeOnMeWe.com



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Sue K Estrada
Sue K Estrada
3 years ago

I just shared to FLIP it RED, Calif…. with around 65,000 members………..this is a greatr article…. and we stand with you, our Amazing Leader; and those holding you up……..

Marge Holdorf
3 years ago

I can’t even imagine how devastating it must have been to go on FB only to discover that they had closed the site you had worked so hard to build. As a member, it was upsetting enough. Best wishes on building it back up on MeWe.

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